Kathi Pelton

He Is With You!

There are times that my soul (feelings/thoughts) try to take control and I have to speak to it and remind it to trust in the Lord.

The Laboring Remnant

As we labor together there is a oneness being produced and a spiritual rhythm on earth that is synchronized to the purposes of heaven.

Be Blameless

There is a great need for natural and spiritual parents to spend time on our knees praying for our children and our children’s children.

Captives Will Be Set Free

It is time for the unmasking of false gods and for the unveiling of the revelation of Jesus and His love to be found by the seekers.

Greater Is He!

Do not become weary or discouraged by what your eyes see; not about your life or about what man is doing.

Carriers of His Glory

We must be carriers of heavenly provision (food), peace, love, oneness, truth, order, deliverance, and righteousness.

Shake Off Fear

The fear of man and the fear of adversity call to you to see if you will partner with it.