John Myer

On Offensive Theology

The most staid, logical person will suffer IQ reduction when emotions get involved.  

Can’t Argue with That

Nothing is quite so powerful than when eternal life itself speaks up for the believer and for Christ. 

Our Moment by Moment Standing

Scripture points to a God who graciously condescends to dwell among His people, even while they are in an imperfect and potentially offensive state.   

Race at Its Best

We seem to have lost our way in the midst of interracial squabbling and settling scores.

The Mower Cometh

The law does little to change the human heart. The things that lie hidden, lie hidden still.  

Prepared By Loving Hands

These letters were meant for us also, practically from their very inception—packaged grace intended to shape our very hearts.

Truth Illustrated

It seems we must be convinced of our spiritual disease because our first impulse is to deny it.

The Day I Ran Out of Optimism

But there comes a time when, under the Holy Spirit’s gracious conviction, we sense the foolishness of any further concealment and camouflage.

Believing Is Seeing

Condemnation, therefore, came not for failing to rescue all the poor, but for failing only one among their number.

A Brief Consideration of Angels

When Jesus was threatened in the garden, He told Peter that He was able to get twelve legions of angels to protect Him if He had wanted.

Below the Water Line

One night in a house full of opponents, Jesus preached warning words about financial abuse, selfishness, and the unqualified trust in earthly riches.

A Call to Inner Life

We find ourselves in need of coaching from our ancient predecessors on how to experientially enter what we have received. 

Want What You Have

That’s exactly what the Bible commands us to do—continue seeking, not for something you don’t have, but for something you do have.