John Myer

Why Listen?

Our marriage, kids, jobs, and more rest on something that seems invisible to the world, the wise word of the Shepherd. 

Buoyant Truth

When you state the facts, with thanksgiving, the feelings follow. 

What Do I Still Lack?

We unwittingly keep a death grip on our stuff, and yet nothing is so frail, so flimsy, than the things we call ours.

Life as a Vapor

Life not only harbors nothing new, but it also has a disturbing way of disappearing into irrelevance. 


Timing, therefore, is critical.  Remember God now.

Unpleasant Destinations

Preoccupation with riches, and the busyness it generates, can leave us in a vulnerable place of isolation.

Occupied with Joy

The secret to strength unto contentment and satisfaction is through Him, and in Him.

The Scriptures Invite

Sometimes Bible readers combing through the scriptures, think at the back of their minds, Wow, this is wonderful, but it’s not available to me, or anybody else.

The Failed Search

In the moment I had forgotten God, therefore the joy I should have experienced evaporated instantly.

A Time for Everything and for Everyone

Experiences you have banished from your personal history as worthless and painful, God does not forget. 
He seeks even what we’ve discarded, and makes it serve the overall mosaic of your life.

The Scriptures Describe

Whenever we pick up the Bible, we’re expecting the Scriptures to describe God to us
in such a way that it will teach us, that is, banish our ignorance of spiritual things.