Joe Joe Dawson


When I stopped trying to figure things out on my own and quit trying to make things work in my own strength, I found myself flowing with the Holy Spirit like never before.


God is looking for people who will be found in the place of prayer.


Bring to your memory everything that God has done and raise your expectations to see Him do so much more in the upcoming season!


When we are faithful to cultivate and steward well the areas God is highlighting to us then God will pour out His favor and blessing in our lives.

Think Like I Think

In order to think the way that God thinks you may have to unlearn things, you have been taught that are actually not of the Kingdom.

Double Fight Bite

Could there be things in your life you’ve allowed in that are now secretly destroying you?


No matter what we face, God will always prove Himself to be trustworthy and true.

Push Through

Keep in the flow with God and He will get you where you need to go!

Warrior Season

Start wielding the prophetic promises God has given you like a sword in this season and watch them be fulfilled!

The Dam Is Breaking

In this season, I believe many will experience the dam that has been holding them back begin to break.

Broke Through

Many have been praying and believing for breakthroughs for so long that they do now understand they’ve already broken through.

Prophetic Influencer

God is looking for those that will use whatever platform He gives to them to advance the Kingdom of God and preach the gospel.

Insight and Clarity

There are secrets of Heaven that we each need to access in order for the Kingdom to be revealed in and through our lives.

Be the One

Be the one who is molded and shaped by the presence of God.

Bold Moves

This is a day and an hour in which the Lord is asking many to crush their comfort zones, crush complacency and make some big, bold moves.

Keep It Simple

Don’t let any teaching or theology into your life that will lead you away from the simple truths in the Bible.

Greater Is Coming

A greater understanding of the love of God will lead us into a greater expectation for what God will do in and through our lives!

Angels Waiting

Don’t wait on God in this season because God is waiting on you!

The Great Turnaround

The demonic influences that have ruled over America for decades will be overcome by the power of God manifesting through His people.

Expectation and Expansion

I want to encourage you to raise your expectation because your expansion is going to be greater than you have ever imagined!