Jennifer Howard

Run to Him

True fear of the Lord realizes we can NOT ever run from God.

The Pathway to Holiness

It’s a wonderful day when God shows us the ugliness of a sin that has been indwelling us and prompts us to tackle it.

Prayer of Restoration

I receive your hope, love, faith, joy, your goodness, trueness, wisdom, power, and strength.

Open Your Eyes

The beauty around me still exists but my eyes don’t recognize it.

Holding Sacred Space

Make Him your first thought, your first desire, your first breath, your first everything.


With Christ at the center, nothing is lost—only an eternity of blessings that are freely ours as His children just by asking to receive them.

Stone Throwers

Every word we speak has the capacity to bring a smile and contain life or sink to the bottom where there is nothing but darkness and loneliness.

The Power of Letting Go

He will make our load light and easier to carry, but we must be willing to give it and let it go.

Just Gather

Perhaps before we invite people to Jesus or invite them to church, we should invite them to dinner.

My Prayer

I now bring the authority, rule, and dominion of the Lord Jesus Christ over my life today.

The Perception of Loss

I had spent so much energy on my own perception of loss that I had forgotten to look to the Lord.

Your Will Be Done

We are called by God to be willing to serve, willing to love, willing to believe, and willing to forgive.

Seeking Healing

In our fallen human nature, complete and total forgiveness is only something that the Lord can provide. 


We can pursue and live holy lives that declare the greatness of God, display the gospel of Jesus, and demonstrate the Holy Spirit’s power in us.

Filling Our Cups

It’s our responsibility to take the time to do what feeds our soul – first.

Stopping the Storms

At the heart of His desire is for us to have our hearts entwined with His love and devotion for all of us.

The Overflow

When your heart spills over, what flows out? Praise or cursing?

Nest and Gather

Our responsibility to represent Jesus matters immensely more to Him than the reasons we find to argue and dispute.

Based on Trust

The people who were supposed to show up and be there? Sorta —- sometimes… aren’t.

Molded and Refined

Sometimes it takes being broken to build beauty, to be refined, to be MOLDED.

Willing to Forgive

So, in the same way, we are called to keep gathering good thoughts which lead to good actions, which leads to the willingness to believe, serve, love, and forgive.

I Am Resolved

Like the star that led the wise ones from the east to seek the Christ Child, a light bulb went off in my head. 

The Weaving of Healing

A few months ago, I took another beginner’s knitting class. It brought me so much peace. 

Searching for God

We can trust the seasons of suffering to Christ’s great purpose in our lives: to identify with and become more like him.

Tending the Garden of My Soul

I remember pulling and imagining my worry being replaced with peace, my fear being replaced with courage, my doubt with trust, and my anger with self-control.

Eden, Eve, and Eternity

Start focusing on giving gratitude to God for what you have and not what you perceive to be missing.

Becoming Content

Paul lived courageously from his heart, from the core of his being, the center of all his thoughts, feelings, and passions.


The things He allows to become ash are resurrected with a new life and a transforming nature.


He reminded me I will have seasons of growth and seasons of reflection.

I Am Resolved

If we are followers of Christ and true believers, we don’t need resolutions. All we need to do is follow Him.