James Spencer

Pray the Scriptures

The study of God’s word and theology has always come more naturally to me than prayer.

The Capacity Conundrum

There are times when initiatives are advanced in Christian organizations by sheer force of personality.

Redeeming Your Time

Time, I have often assumed, is short, and matters urgent. Nothing can be dropped or ignored.

Our Digital Mission Field

When we accept Christ, we become members of his body and commit ourselves to contribute to the corporate witness of Christ’s body. 

4 Principles for Developing Character

After years of pushing myself beyond my own personal limits, it finally became clear
that I needed to stop chasing performance and start getting comfortable with who I am.

Making Decisions, Becoming Disciples

When we can’t or are unable to ask new questions or consider new answers, we limit our field of vision.
In doing so, we run the risk of missing the possibilities God provides…of confusing our partial story of God with one that is complete.

The Importance of Generous Speech

Generous speech is not naive. It doesn’t deny evidence or shy away from discussing bad acts.
Generous speech does, however, exercise restraint.