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LIV2DAY: Top 5 Toxic Offenders in What You Drink

In this episode, Dr. Paula shares her Top 5 toxic-laden drinks that are important for us to consider. Given that our bodies need adequate hydration in order to run like a well-oiled machine, it’s time to wake up, educate yourself, and retrain your habits.

Sanctifying Our Senses

There is no set formula or limit in which God speaks. He could speak in any way that He pleases at any time.

THE BREATHING GOD PODCAST: The Shulamite’s Journey

The Lord wants you to know that just one GLANCE of your worshiping eyes overwhelms His heart. If you’ve had trouble finding His presence, or connecting with Jesus the way you once did, I believe today is going to free your heart in a powerful and precious way.

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: Child Maturity – Part 1

Have you ever wondered why kids are so selfish?  The answer. They are supposed to be.  The primary goal of children between the age of 4 & 12 is to learn what satisfies them and how to take care of themselves.  Listen as we dive into the needs and tasks of the Child Stage of Maturity.

The Big Picture

Maintaining a strong faith is what loving our neighbor as ourselves looks like.

Pendulum Swing

The enemy may have won a battle in your life but he has already lost the war!