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In the last lesson, we witnessed the visit by Nicodemus, who was taught that the most important Christian message was to be born again. And then we saw John the Baptist give Jesus all the glory rather than to himself. After the events in Chapter 3,  Jesus now departs for Judea.

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: Stories from The Table – Part 8

Tennison and Ginelle welcome two more friends from the Table in this Episode, Callie Craig and Cathy Reum. Listen in as they discuss the beauty that happens around the Table, how family bonds are created, how what happens at the Table is different from other gatherings, and how being a part of this community has filled a space that they were longing for. 


If you’ve searched for HOPE for America and the nations, don’t miss this podcast! Every day matters and the MOVE of God that shall NEVER end is HERE.

FASHION MEETS FAITH: SOCKS! What to Wear with What

Socks are an everyday item we wear, but how do we wear them to stay in fashion? In this video, I walk you through how to wear socks to both stay in fashion and be practical – so you can stay warm and be trendy!

In Search of Self

Finding my voice and helping others find theirs is so important to living with purpose and truly connecting positively with those we love.

LIV2DAY: Numbers + God

Follow along with Paula in the discovery of just a few examples of how detailed and magnificent our Creator’s numerical handiwork can truly be.

Breaking In

If you want to break into all God has for you, it is crucial for you to allow the Lord to direct every step you take and listen for His Spirit to lead and guide you.

He Knows Your Name 

Of all the issues you are facing in the natural and spiritual- place it all in His hands.