April’s Open Door

Fragrance, fruit, and fire will mark the days ahead as we walk through the open door of April.

Invitation to Linger

Did anyone respond to his invitation to linger over this scripture? What was its full context, and why did Jesus find it so significant?

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Renewed with Heather Dixon – Part 1

This week to continue the discussion of renewing our mindset, we will turn our attention to a part of mind renewal—finding hope. With me to help do that is my friend Heather M. Dixon, author of the book “Renewed: Finding Hope When You Don’t Like Your Story.” Listen in as she encourages us that when we are in Christ, there is hope in every circumstance.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Settle Your Soul with Dr. Jodi Detrick

Episode #59 – “Life shakes us up; abiding settles us down.” Through the harrowing abduction of her teenage daughter and a life devoted to ministry, Dr. Jodi Detrick has a profound understanding of the power of redemption.

MIMIKA TV: Embracing Dependency on God with Angela Donadio

Can you imagine almost losing your life, not once but twice? This is exactly what Angela Donadio had to endure on her path to healing and wholeness. Her story is remarkable. Through her darkest moments, she found that depending on God, was what pulled her through. Listen in and be inspired!

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Desert to Destiny David

Episode #58 (Part 1 of a 4-Part Series) – No matter what giant you’re facing today or what desert you find yourself in, when you know who you are in Christ, you can trust God to defend you–just as He did for David.

The Problem with Comparison

You can’t find God’s path and purpose for your life when you’re trying to walk on someone else’s road.

Faith and Persistence

I was discouraged, but I know from experience that sometimes the fish just aren’t biting.

Switching Tables

In this season, I believe the Lord is about to unexpectedly promote those that have been obedient and humble to higher places.

PAST TO POWER PODCAST: Choosing God with Dog & Francie – Part 2

This weekend we have a beautifully intimate conversation with Francie Frane and her fiancé Duane “Dog” Chapman(DOG the Bounty Hunter) about what it’s like to break free and walk in God’s direction. Francie shares how to take the first steps away from brokenness straight into the heart of God.

Receive the Rain!

The rains that are coming will reveal the blossoms, the early fruit, and allow you to breathe in the fragrance of refreshing new life.