Sometimes it is on cloudy days that we can see the rays of God’s love the most.

Blizzards of Blessings

God will change the things you view as setbacks and use them to propel you farther into your destiny.

Christmas Music Season is Here!

Some events are so pervasive that they are worth celebrating for more than just a day … or more than just a month … and Christmas is one of those extraordinary events.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: The Heart of the Father – Part 2

As we continue our celebration of Father’s Day, Denise pursues a second week of sharing the impact of a father’s love. Listen in as she shares two profound thoughts on how care and love are demonstrated by fathers through discipline as well as revelation from God’s Word on the topic.

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: Stories from The Table – Part 9

Tennison and Ginelle welcome two more friends from the Table in this Episode, Callie Craig and Cathy Reum. Listen in as they discuss the beauty that happens around the Table, how family bonds are created, how what happens at the Table is different from other gatherings, and how being a part of this community has filled a space that they were longing for. 

A Clarion Call

My people have cried out to me and now I’ve come. I’m first removing the dross, the things that have held my people back.

WOMEN LIVING COURAGEOUSLY: How to Overcome Loneliness

People all around us are feeling isolated, remote, and even very lonely at times. Possibly, you are feeling lonely today too? Why not join us for some practical words of hope and inspiration? This session is all about finding community, friendship, and a sense of belonging—once again.