Abuse Recovery

THE 99 RELAPSES PODCAST: Satan’s Worldly Strategies and Your Addiction – Part 2

In this episode, Addiction Christian Recovery Coach and Counselor James Egidio finish up by discussing the challenges of Worldly Spiritual Warfare and how it could potentially derail the fragile state of addiction and recovery if you are not vigilant with Satan’s attacks and steadfast in your faith with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

THE 99 RELAPSES PODCAST: Is Addiction Sin? – Part 2

In this Episode, Christian Addiction Recovery Coach and Counselor James Egidio answers the perplexing and often asked question, “Is Addiction Sin?” and discusses 32 additional sins that are triggered by addiction.

THE 99 RELAPSES PODCAST: 5 Characteristics of Addiction – Part 2

Podcast Christian Recovery Coach and Counselor, James Egidio finishes up this 2 Part Series on the 5 Characteristics of Addiction by discussing Loss of Willpower and Distortion of Attention as well describe the difference between Security Addictions, Aversion Addictions, and Attraction Addictions.

THE 99 RELAPSES PODCAST: Identity and Addiction – Part 2

You are not identified by the “World’s” standards; you are a Child of God Loved by God who sacrificed his only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, for your sins! Join me in Part II of the 99Relapses podcast Identity and Addiction as I finish discussing the Problem of Control and who and what you should be living for.

THE 99 RELAPSES PODCAST: Identity and Addiction – Part 1

When you go through the whirlwind emotions of an out-of-control addiction, you lose self-identity as to who and what defines you as a person and as a “Child of God,” and you adopt and adapt to the World’s view and standards for self-identity and reassurance.