Soar to New Heights with Blue Angels Leader Greg Wooldridge

Episode 24 – “The Boss,” Greg Wooldridge was a physically fit and heart-healthy former Navy fighter pilot when he was hit by an episode of Sudden Cardiac Death. A non-believer at the time, Greg experienced God’s mercy and the blessing of yet another second chance in a life blessed with many second chances.

Waffles and Spaghetti

Men and women are hard-wired differently by their Creator. But different does not mean right or wrong. It just means different.

Why Should We Become Love?

Episode 120 – Becoming love. It’s a great idea. We’ve done our best to unpack the what and how but such concepts can be really hard to grasp. We’ve address some of the why, but really why? Why should we become love?

The Curse of Assumptions

It’s not about me as much as I think it’s about me, and I shouldn’t assume it is. It’s amazing how often people don’t think about me!

The Art of Friendship, Part 2

Episode #108 – When we understand the value that God places on relationships, we see the purposes in which friendships are all about Kingdom work.