Garris Elkins


Advancement in God’s Kingdom is not about who wins the social debate.

The Numbing of Our Faith

Our world is going through a tremendous shift that will only be possible to complete with numbed people.

Breaking Camp

A defining and redefining is taking place within the Church while the world appears ready to spiral out of control.

Disarmed By God

We need to make sure we are not carrying weapons of spiritual warfare loaded with human logic and reasoning.

The Danger of a Fractional Faith

The Lord guarantees not only the original mustard seed size deposit of our faith, but He will add supernatural heavenly interest to our account.

The Offense of God’s Word

The conflict of our faith with the world system takes place when God’s truth is applied to our choices as citizens of the nation in which we live.

Taking Our Faith Public

A divine unction will rise in the hearts of these previously silent ones, and they will exhibit courageous expressions of visible honor and love for the Lord.

Unlikely Rescuers

This display of unity and its resulting rescue will become a witness to the world that Jesus is alive.

Getting Serious

Prophets represent the voice of God, and that voice must be as pure as humanely possible, even to the point of rejection by all but the Lord. 

Locking the Door to Fear

At some point, having done all we can to create a buffer against evil, we must place our trust in God, or our joy will be robbed.

The Fragrance of Truth

These are words we are called to speak no matter how challenging those words might sound to the hearer or what jeopardy the truth creates in our lives. 

Overcoming the Bots

Many do not realize they are consuming half-truths, lies, and censored information that is forming or reforming their worldview.

Making the Turn

In chaotic seasons of history, like those that occur in times of crisis and chaos, there is no clear path.

You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy

Whatever we do not own, either by choice or force, will be owned by someone else, whether a dominant global corporation or a wayward government.

Shooting Wolves

Paul spoke of what was to come “For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock”

The Whirlwind of God

God’s finger is poised above the Earth ready to touch our lives in dramatic ways.

Soon But Not Yet

The Lord is teaching you a deeper level of patience in the timing of the fulfillment of His promise.

Dead Pool Status

It takes a spiritual drought to reveal our need for Him in a new and deeper way that our previous confidence did not realize.

The Pursuit

Tozer’s voice had a prophetic edge to it that sounded like the passionate squeal of the tires and acceleration I witnessed in the police pursuit.