Garris Elkins

Staging Your Arrival

The Lord has decided that a particular stage in your journey has finished and it is time to rest and become refreshed before the next stage begins.

The Weapon of Fatigue

This wearing away of our mental resolve must be recognized and challenged for what it is – an assault on our faith. 

The Flavor of Favor

Extending grace to people, especially those who might be at odds with us, is the heart of God.

A Time Like No Other

To those in the suffering and persecuted Church we seem like a people who have lost our way, and in some cases, our minds.

The Current Shaking

God is allowing this shaking to take place to disempower those things not worthy of our trust.

The Coming Turn

The Lord will use the weapons of this warfare to set free people who are currently being held in places of spiritual bondage and blindness.

My Summer Star

Seasons in the spiritual realm come and go. We cannot hold on to them.

The Arrival of Long-Range Prophecies

Prophetic words are beginning to arrive that were sent downrange long ago traveling across great expanses of time and space to be delivered at this moment in history.

Money Trails

In the end, history will prove these investigators to have been right.

When Our Love Grows Cold

Our dark attitudes that produce a cold version of love are always at work and in need of constant discipline.

Molten Voices

I am beginning to hear voices in pulpits and on the streets rise and speak asking questions about a variety of narratives.

Spiritual Crossfire

Fellow believers can take unnecessary hits in our passion to rectify a wrong when we fire off our opinion with only our limited insight.

Jumping Ship

This false banner of a lesser love requires a forced unity and conformity.