Why Wait?

Life is so much better when we decide to live the way the Lord says to live and stop living by the world’s standards.

The King Has The Final Move

Our God sees the positions on the board and knows what moves will be next; but the next move of Almighty God upon the earth, shall not only move but prove His way and establish His Kingdom.

Knowing the Heart of the Father

Today I’m busting through your front door like Israel did yesterday and yelling, “Papa’s here, papa’s here!” Come spend time with Him.

Healing From Church Hurt

The way to heal from hurt (especially from church hurt) is to allow love to do its greatest work in us at the moment of our greatest pain.

The Journey of Becoming

The word “become” had so much life on it…hard to describe, but it was like there was a certainty about it.

The Holy Spirit is Waiting

The Church has an incredible opportunity during this pandemic, but it can’t be done without the power of the Holy Spirit.

Garden Tales: A Seed’s Story Giveaway

Muncaster’s debut children’s book is more than just a cute story. It is a great reminder, no matter our age, that our Father sees the beauty within us even when we don’t.

Building a Heritage of Prayer

Sometimes we see life so much in the “now.” We forget to look into the past to see maybe why we are the way we are.


Grace is waking up each morning to another day. It’s what I embrace as I choose to walk the narrow way.