Daniel Pontious

Walk in the Light

We often deal with areas of our lives that are darkened within us in the form of unsurrendered issues.

An Increase in Divine Expectation

If we are operating from a place of divine expectation, we are setting the stage for God to do the things that He has promised us that He would do!

Divine Virtue

I believe that the Holy Spirit is releasing a fresh wave of His virtue through every person who will surrender themselves to His purpose and His will.

Fruit Says It All

If you’re wondering whether or not someone in ministry is legitimate or not, you need to stop looking at their giftings and start examining their fruit.

Healed By His Stripes

We tend to think that because Jesus Christ has provided something for us that it should manifest as soon as it was provided.

Vessels of Honor

God is looking for vessels of Honor that will completely empty themselves out so that He can fill them to overflow with whatever is needed.

Perfect Love

Agape love cannot be counterfeited by the enemy or manufactured by people, for it is the substance of Who He is.

Many Sons of Thunder

The enemy is manipulating many in the Body because of their own ignorance and personal identity problems.

Persuasion or Demonstration?

This kingdom isn’t based upon intellectual discussion or any wisdom of man but in demonstration of the Ruler of the Kingdom.