Current Events

A Coming Showdown

A showdown is about to take place and its purpose will not be to prove any of us right.

My View on End-Times Theology

I believe we have entered a Kingdom Age where the knowledge of His glory is going to eventually cover the entire earth.

A Disruptive Faith

The Greatest Commandment that calls us to love God and our neighbors as ourselves has been hijacked by some in the Church.

In the Course of Freedom

In the days ahead it will be critical for the Church to emerge from the misguided thinking of social disengagement and isolation.

Willing and Able to Speak for Christ

If Christians only point fingers or advocate for one political solution or another, will we not miss opportunities to point the lost to the cross of Christ?

Who Can Interpret the Times?

A good starting point for interpreting revelation is to simply ask the “why.” Why was it sent? What is its purpose?

Reverse Engineering Our Present Reality

I hear a lot of voices decrying our current situation in both the culture and the Church, but I see few reverse engineering our present reality to discover what brought us to this place.

As We Celebrate

Keep your eyes on the Lord and be sensitive and obedient to the nudges of the Spirit to pray.

Leviathan’s Wiles

He’s stirring up mistrust amongst leaders and creating factions out of fiction.

A Reality Check

Events are transpiring that are setting the stage for a new reality – a reality that will carry significant consequences for speaking the truth.