Dear Prophet,

If we are to release a pure, accurate, life-giving Word, we must watch over our heart.

Power Usurped

Stand firm – I am not about to desert my people who stand and remain standing.

Perfection Not Required

What God looks for is someone who is willing, someone who leans on His strength, and does things His way.

God’s Throw Down

The Spirit of God is making way for public exits and ‘royal’ entrances for bringing His Name glory.

Lean In

How was I going to respond? The emotions and devastation felt debilitating. 

Wrestling With the Truth!

How many out there are attempting to gain in the Revelatory Knowledge area (The Tree of Knowledge) apart from having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ (the Tree of Life)? 

My Decluttering Method

Keep what makes you happy. Keep what you actually use. Display your memories in a way that makes you smile. Get rid of anything that doesn’t have a purpose in your home or life.

The Great Mask Debate

I still believe we are masking far more than we realize, and it is revealing much more than meets the eye.

Breaking Toxic Soul Ties

As the Lord removes and separates you from some people in this season,
He is making room for the new people and the new things that He is bringing into your life to come in. 

The Day the World Broke

There was a moment when the world passed from the idyllic and perfect, to the ironic and tragic.

Our Sweet Lord Jesus

Kingdom rule is with the open heart. This is why you must love your enemies. It is also why you must stay close.