Did you know that the average young woman would LOVE to have the chance to be mentored? To do life together, be invited into your world, and be given a little life wisdom – this is what they are asking for. Are you available to be a mentor?

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Faith in the Face of ALS – with Tony and Cori Nunez

Episode #192 – While ALS continues to add physical limitations to Tony Nunez and has deteriorated his body, Tony and his wife, Cori, know God is faithful and has a purpose in all things and are pressing forward through this diagnosis to serve the students and further the gospel at all costs. 

WOMEN LIVING COURAGEOUSLY: How to Find Peace in the Storm

Peace. It’s something most people are searching for. But how do we find it? Especially when life gets rainy and stormy? Where do we anchor our hearts and lives when the winds start to blow and the rain begins to fall? Discover how to find peace in the storm in this new podcast episode.

THE HOPE STREAMS PODCAST: How to Start Hearing from God!

It can be so confusing trying to sort through WHAT is God, your Heavenly Father, saying?! PLUS, others’ expectations and the LOUD world we live in. Here Stephen and Crystal share some great foundational resources to begin hearing from your Heavenly Father for YOURSELF—and how to get confirmation so you KNOW His voice!


Grace. We love to receive it from God and others. Who doesn’t enjoy the kindness, compassion, mercy, and goodness from our friends, families, co-workers, church friends, and neighbors? However, it’s not always easy for us, as women, to give grace to other people.

At an Impasse

As long as you’re aligned with Jesus, there are times that allowing another to walk over you at an impasse may be more beneficial than harmful.