Carol McLeod

Is Jesus at Home in Your Heart?

There is a fire of God’s specific intention for your life that is meant to burn brightly within your heart all the days of your life.

Live Momentously

Leaving a personal history of lasting value is not determined by the value of the home in which you live … but it is determined by what common events take place in your home.

Let Me See the Blueprints

You must not foolishly believe that you can cast a quick glance at the Word of God and instantly know what it takes to build an exceptional life.

Your Pain Into Purpose

Whatever happened in your past … or in my past … can serve as a preparation for the plans and purposes of God today and tomorrow.

Fountain of Youth

I have always emphatically believed that when you are young … you really don’t appreciate it.

Just One Thing

There is no greater endeavor for the coming year … no higher calling … and no more important discipline.

Christmas Is For You!

Christmas is a source of joy both personally and theologically … I don’t want you to miss the joy of this season regardless of what emotional storm you have found yourself in today.

Dealing with Difficult People

It often hurts to give grace to difficult people but giving unlimited grace is part of the calling of a believer in Jesus Christ.

Dealing with Discouragement

Don’t give discouragement the pleasure of pressing “pause” on your ability to minister or on your deep desire to encourage others.

Mandate of Prayer

Prayer is the strongest problem-solving power available to humanity and prayer is the winning blow!

When You Don’t Have Enough

God never mentioned one single attribute of either Moses’ skills, life experiences, or character. No props, just the promise of His presence.

Are You Worth Your Salt?

Instead of always looking to our natural news headlines, why don’t we ask God what His headlines are for the day?

Made For More

God has planned a life for me that is not stressful nor is it overreaching … but it is comfortable.

The Courage of Esther

Esther’s choice to go into the throne room ranks as one of the highest, most difficult, and most faith-filled actions in all of scripture.

A Steadfast Heart

My countenance and my soul must recognize that they are not in control of the woman that I am.