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An Opportunity To Choose Jesus!

Join Pastor Roy Geesey an encouraging message during the COVID-19 Pandemic., drawing from the story of the Israelites transition to the promised land in the book of Exodus.

Matthew’s Gospel: Weeds

This is a fallen world infested with fakes and frauds—human weeds. They take up space without adding anything to the garden.

Free From Salt In A Salty Ocean

Episode 118 – The danger is in becoming hypocrites. Either doing the right thing for the wrong reasons or doing nothing for the so-called right reasons. This is what we call hypocrisy.

From Pit to Party Barn

Episode #7 – In this episode, Jay and Jessie take a journey back for a bit to discuss their experiences in the darkest times of their lives.

New Thoughts, New Life!

Nothing changes until something changes. If we change the way that we think, we can change the way we live.

Kanye West Declares Jesus Is King

There’s a lot of angles to cover here: the divided Christian response, what it means for the future of Christian music, the best tracks, and where this album ranks among the rest of Kanye’s music.

Study of Genesis 6: Part 1

In this episode, learn who the sons of God are, what really caused the flood, and how you can better argue for this portion of the Bible.