Sensible People

Why do we let the enemy place these little foxes, wedges that separate and divide us?  Pull them out!

The Power Of Submission

Paul disciplines his body makes it submissive to strict training, like an athlete.  Athletes often have to refuse things that may hinder their goals.  

Seek Counsel

Paul’s answers were pretty profound.  He says, “Keeping God’s commands is what counts.”

All Things Are Yours

When God blesses, He is like a well-watered garden in the middle of the desert.  

No Fooling

Yes, the crucified Christ is the power that saves and the wisdom that transforms.  

God Has Called You

The reality is, however, there is disunity and dysfunction among believers.


When seeking counsel, be careful who you listen to.

Talk With Him

Prophetic words will be backed up by scripture, as the Holy Spirit carries these words along and releases them.

Watch And Pray

God’s eyes and heart are always towards His temple, His people.  

Hear From Heaven

What’s the purpose of the temple if God’s presence is not there?

He Who Stands Firm

Being in battles, causes us to fight, yet we don’t want to live there.  If we do, we will become battle-worn.  

Put In Everything

Surrendering all is not a negative, it’s the beginning of a life that we can live in, to live in His all.