Our Cup Overflows

God has things stored up for us.  They are His covenant benefits for His faithful servants.

Purpose of The Heart

Joseph is giving them a taste of their own medicine. However, the brothers discovered when they opened their bags they said, “My silver has been returned.”

Hope Secured

God shall remember His covenant as He sees the misery of His people. There is a certainty of God’s promises, but it’s up to Him when He delivers them.

He Makes Himself Known

Jesus is not merely an image or reflection of God. The Son Himself is God. He is the absolutely authentic representation of God’s being.  

Everything Is Under His Feet

Trust Him in the process even if it doesn’t look favorable. Remember He is above all. He shall rule on our behalf, and watch us walk it out in His footsteps.

He Mends The Broken Heart

When the brothers arrived, Joseph told the steward of the house to prepare a meal and bring the brothers into his house to share his meal with them.   

A Blessed People

The king will bless without measure.  He releases the storehouses of heaven to provide in a time of famine.

The Royal Robe

The most important seat in the synagogue was a bench positioned right in front of “the ark” that contained the sacred scrolls.

Confidence in His Goodness

Plant yourself in the House of God. Trust that many generations will follow. Following His leading will move us forward!  

Betrayal Comes In Many Forms

Sisters and brothers, if betrayal is fresh in your heart, God will turn your mourning into dancing and remove the sorrow you feel.

Going Our Way

I wonder what would happen to our prayer life if we persisted like Jacob? God saw his persistence and look what follows.

Keep Your Feet On Solid Ground

God not only deals with things, but He deals with people. His continual love toward all of mankind is beyond our full comprehension.

Unbroken Love

“He mends the brokenhearted and binds up our wounds.” If you are still mending, run to him–He’s waiting to wrap His arms around you.

A Wise Man’s Words Refresh

Is our speech producing a calmness, when others hear our counsel? If wisdom is a fountain, like a bubbling brook, it should release a calming, relaxing effect.  

A Challenge Leads To A Response

Job, one of the most righteous men on the earth, was complaining to God about his life. He had lost his wealth, his health, his children, and all that he owned.

The Well Sprang

What is highly valuable to men, is usually not what’s of high value to God. His rewards do not have a price tag on them, they are eternal.

The Cost

The great patriarchs that we learn about all had some shortcomings, just like we do, yet God still used them to carry out His promises.

A Special Place

Those who push their way forward, stepping on others, are not always going to be first.