Bible Study/Devotional

Where is Your Hope Placed?

Day 319-320 of Bible Reading Plan – What are you placing your hoping in? Where is your hope placed? Or better yet—Who? Misplaced hope can lead to devastating lives. But when hope is in the right place, we are never disappointed and can have peace, joy, and hope in all circumstances.

Are You Ready, My Beloved?

Are you ready for the Great Wedding Day? Is your lamp filled with oil and lit? Are you watching for His soon return?

Like An Olive Tree

We don’t need any other God.  He is more than enough–three in one, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

A Shift to Freedom

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t acknowledge He is the One who sees me through.

Create In Me

Our Creator loves to create a new tender, heart.  It’s His specialty.

John’s Gospel: Before

Jesus, the name above every other name, must be uttered in faith as we praise, worship, and pray.

God Remembers

Day 318 of Bible Reading Plan – God remembers. He never forgets, yet He was willing to cover our sins. Sometimes when it seems like the world is going crazy, God remembers. God sees us. God still has a plan.

Gather To Him And For Him

Whether the storm is from God or from another source, trust God to be your GPS, Global Positioning System.

The Difference the Hand of God Makes

Day 317 of Bible Reading Plan – The hand of God can be for us or against us. The favor of God is not something that can be manipulated. God knows our hearts. And when we seek God, are diligent to study and apply His word, God works in our circumstances with His loving, gracious hand to bring about his perfect will in our lives.

John’s Gospel: Joy

They would abandon the One who had found them and desert the One who had brought them to the gates of heaven.

Not the Frozen Chosen

Day 315-316 of Bible Reading Plan – Ever feel stagnant in your walk with God? God’s people are not the frozen chosen. Lost your spiritual vitality? Let’s get some back today! When we realize what lengths our Savior went to in order for us to be chosen, we should be the most passionate people on earth! They need to be spirit-filled, vibrant representatives for the LORD Jesus Christ!

How Grief Can Lead to Joy

This year has caused many people to experience some pretty deep grief. Perhaps you have found yourself hurting on levels you never even knew you could.

Opposition is a Mission

Day 312-314 of Bible Reading Plan – Ever feel like you are struggling for a breakthrough? It might be spiritual opposition. Opposition is a mission, friends. It is an opportunity to trust, persevere, and to reach who God called you to reach. Rather than just wanting it to be over, ask God what you need to learn.

THE JESUS HABIT PODCAST: We Are What We Repeatedly Do

Episode 125 – Do you know those older people who can’t remember anything, but if you start singing a hymn, they can sing right along with you? How does that happen? People say habits form in 20 days and 40 days, but is that really how long it takes? Or is there more to it than that? And isn’t following Jesus supposed to be more “organic” than that?