The Bible Tribe: Day 10

Summary: God is inviting us to believe in Him when things seem impossible. We can choose to trust in ourselves or others or in outcomes, or in God. But when the rubber meets the road, our belief in God and his promises will determine whether or not we…

The Bible Tribe: Day 9

Being famous isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Just ask the starlets of our day. But still we can want to seek after fame. Perhaps it comes from a place of just wanting acceptance when the sting of rejection is so memorable.

It’s Time to Fight

Day 364 of Bible Reading Plan – I don’t mean a fistfight, praise God! But the church needs to rise up and be the church. We need to contend for the faith, friends! It’s time to fight but fight in the Spirit and with God’s word. Let’s be used to rescuing others so they can join us in the fight against evil!

The Path of Most Resistance

Day 363 of Bible Reading Plan – Sometimes we want to avoid problems and hindrances, yet sometimes it might be the path of most resistance that leads us to a place of the most fruitfulness in our own lives. Don’t pray for no problems. Pray for perseverance and strength to be faithful in those problems that God may be glorified.

In the End God Wins

Day 358-362 of Bible Reading Plan – In all the struggles and strife on the earth, we can rejoice because in, the end, God wins.

Semper Fi to the Truth

Day 357 of Bible Reading Plan – Our culture tells us to be true to ourselves. But when our own hearts are deceitful, we might have a problem. Being semper fi to truth is the defining attribute of believers.

Living Like a Jesus Freak

Day 356 of Bible Reading Plan – “If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” This familiar question always provokes reflection. Will our witness be enough? Or will we just live in a Christian culture? Some will think we are out of our minds to live passionately for Jesus. Living like a Jesus freak won’t just be believing something. We will do something about what we believe.

Ready or Not?

Day 353-355 of Bible Reading Plan – The end is coming. Ready or not. But we who are in Christ need not fear. Our hope is in Christ. Not in anything on this earth.

God’s Favor Changes Everything

Day 352 of Bible Reading Plan – It can be easy to be overcome with grief and pain when life becomes overwhelming. But when life’s circumstances seem impossible, God’s favor changes everything.

How to Resist Corruption

Day 351 of Bible Reading Plan – One of the most significant battles we will face in this life is the battle of the mind as we war within and try to defeat sin. But next to that chief battle is the need to be wise regarding the influence of people around us that can pull us away from devotion to God.

Living the Truth Out

Day 350 of Bible Reading Plan – If we know the truth, our life will be impacted. We will walk in truth. We will obey God’s commandments. And we will love one another. This love is not superficial. It is sacrificial and sincere. Living the truth out makes the gospel visible to others.

The Blessing of Reform

Day 346-349 of Bible Reading Plan – We can want someone else’s portion, but it will not satisfy us as much as what God has for us. And more importantly, nothing will satisfy us like God being our portion. When God is our portion, we are satisfied more than any other portion this world affords.

The Blessing of Reform

Day 345 of Bible Reading Plan – No one likes to be called out, right? But would it be kind to leave someone in sin? If we did not have the Law, we would not be aware of our sins.

Finding Renewal with God

Day 344 of Bible Reading Plan – Is anyone weary today? Maybe feel like you are missing what God has for you? You might need a renewal in your relationship with God. Renewal and revival come as we admit our need for it. Finding renewal with God happens when we come and ask Him to take our brokenness and make us complete in Him.

How to Find Truth

Day 343 of Bible Reading Plan – We live in confusing times, but truly confusion has been the norm since sin entered the world. God’s people need to know how to discern between truth and error in order to live righteous lives. We need to know how to find truth to be able to live it out. And when we know the truth, we are set free to love others and to obey God.

Led By the Spirit

Day 342 of Bible Reading Plan – Listening to the Holy Spirit guides us through life’s challenges and gives us wisdom. But quenching the Holy Spirit keeps us from tremendous blessing from our lives.

The End Times Are Coming

Day 339 of Bible Reading Plan – This statement makes many try to figure out the details of the end times. Who is the antichrist? When will the end come? But no man knows the hour. How then should we live? In anticipation. In the fear of the LORD. And in the end, what matters is not what you know but Who you know. The end times are coming . . . ready or not. This is not a fear tactic, but a reality.

The Joy of Understanding

Day 338 of Bible Reading Plan – Truly understanding enables us to overcome battles in our mind as we put on right-thinking from God’s word. And it was understanding God’s word that brought the greatest joy to the people Ezra read and taught God’s word to.

The Choice is Up to You

Day 337 of Bible Reading Plan – “If”. Such a small word with such big consequences. But make no mistake—we get to choose how we will handle the truth we have heard. Sometimes we will feel powerless to choose, but feelings are not fact. The choice is up to us—choose blessings or curses.

Being on the Jesus Team

Day 336 of Bible Reading Plan – Growing up I remember what it felt like to be in the “unpopular group”. The “popular peeps” wouldn’t so much as look at the “unpopulars,” other than to grimace at them or to mock them. But when the “unpopulars” were noticed by someone perceived to be greater than them, now that meant something.

Finishing Well

Day 335 of Bible Reading Plan – Anyone can have a strong start but finishing well is another matter. Likewise, anyone can come in and be a rescue for a moment, but it is the day-in, day-out faithfulness that changes lives more than a momentary act of service. Perseverance and staying on mission are required to see our calling through to the end.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Day 332-334 of Bible Reading Plan – Do you hear what I hear? Jesus is speaking to the churches today to wake up. He who has an ear, let him hear. There is a difference between hearing and listening though. Isn’t there?

Giving Thanks to God at All Times

Day 330-331 of Bible Reading Plan – Knowing God is not a religion. It is not a list of dos and don’ts. It is a relationship. Living in a covenant relationship with our Maker will require us to live differently. It means we acknowledge Him in all of our life, giving thanks to God for His forgiveness and acceptance of us, as well as for all His provision and protection.