We cannot live without the Bread of Life and Living Water, which is Jesus.


Learn to take refuge in Him in all circumstances and at all times.

Prince Of Peace

The word peace in Hebrew, Shalom, indicates completeness, fulfillment, wholeness, harmony, and well-being.


I find it very interesting that one of Paul’s disciples was a Physician, Luke.


Have you ever wondered where the Star of David originated from?   In Hebrew, it is called the Magen David (מָגֵן דָּוִד), which means the “shield of David.” The Star of David is one of the symbols most commonly associated with the Jewish people. This symbol is on their flag over the land of Israel, God’s chosen […]


He calls us a holy, royal, priesthood, a holy nation, chosen and called.  

Lion of Judah

Jesus was a descendant of Judah which also included David, and Solomon, eventually making its way all the way down to Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father.  

Lilly of the Valley

As Jesus followers, we emanate the character and sweetness of Jesus everywhere we go.  


As a Christ-follower, Jesus Christ is our life.  

Lamb Of God

We as sinners have failed time and time again, yet the blood of the Lamb (Jesus) has covered all of our sins by being the perfect sacrifice.  

King of Kings

If we surrender to Him, in this way, His divine rule and guidance become one with every decision that we make.


Believers will receive a full reward for our deeds of faith.  


We place His armor on not only for ourselves but for others.

Hiding Place

When we lose ourselves in Him, every care and worry dissipates.  


As a follower of Jesus, I encourage you to step out in boldness, believe, and pray for someone who is sick.

Great High Priest

All the garments worn by the Old Testament high priests were symbolic of being set apart for God’s work of atoning for sin

Good Shepherd

An interesting fact about sheep is that they can be in a large pen with several other shepherds and their flocks, but they will only respond to their Shepherd’s voice.

Eternal Life

I didn’t fully understand what was happening to me, but I know that my heart was on fire to serve the Lord.  


He came to be God with us, every day and in every way.  


We must hold on to the promise that Jesus is our Door into all that He has for us.


He came to rescue and free us from harm or danger, and He still does.  


Jesus was present with the Father when the world was created and everything in it.