Captives Will Be Set Free

It is time for the unmasking of false gods and for the unveiling of the revelation of Jesus and His love to be found by the seekers.

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As I asked God today, “What is on your heart and what are you interceding for?” I immediately saw “the seekers.” I saw those who were looking for something higher, bigger, and more powerful than they are. They were looking for identity, meaning, purpose, and something to live for. Then I saw all of the gods of this world set before them as choices that allure them with false promises of inclusion, control, community, money, and power. What was hiding behind those promises were chains to bind them and prisons to hold them captive so that they would never obtain eternal life through Jesus. When I looked closer, these false gods were demons with masks of these gods— merely to allure these seekers into an unholy union with them.

Then I saw angels carrying heavy-duty metal cutting tools in their hands. They were sent out in response to the prayers for the most, the prayers for revival, and the prayers to set the captives free. But there is a great battle in the unseen realm to get them to have access to the ones who have been bound by chains and put into prisons of deception.

Then I saw believers prayer walking their neighborhoods and their cities to join with heaven and clear the way for these angels to be able to come and set the captives free.

It is time for the unmasking of these false gods and for the unveiling of the revelation of Jesus and his love to be found by the seekers.

Pray for the seekers, the prodigals who got lost (deceived) in their seeking, for the hungry, the lost, and those who are spiritual orphans looking to belong to someone or something. Walk your neighborhood and your city to help clear the atmosphere from resistance so that they can be set free. Pray for the unmasking of false gods, idols, and practices that serve something that cannot save.

“To open blind eyes, To bring out prisoners from the dungeon And those who dwell in darkness from the prison.” Isaiah 42:7

It is time for the seekers to find truth— to find the “One True God.” It is time for them to find the One that will set them free, heal them, save them and deliver them. It is time for them to discover the free gift of grace and a love that is incomparable to any other love. Some of these may be your children, your grandchildren, your friend, or your neighbor. It is time to ring the bells of freedom over their lives.

“God makes a home for the lonely;
He leads out the prisoners into prosperity, Only the rebellious dwell in a parched land.”
Psalm 68:6

I also saw those with a “spirit of rebellion” that came through their negative response to life circumstances or their perception of life circumstances. They were seeking vengeance and doing it by being empowered by rebellion. As Psalm 68:6 says, it has led them to a “parched land.” As you pray— bind that rebellious spirit that has chained them to stubbornness and enslaved them to a thirst for vengeance that can never be satisfied (except through the vindication of the cross of Jesus). Pray for their surrender and that they come to their senses. Pray for their eyes that have been “blinded by rage” to be opened to see the beauty of Jesus and the truth of forgiveness.

Pray for the seekers and the rebellious today! Pray that they would be set free from captivity, rage, and deception. Pray that the angels will get through the lines of resistance to cut the heavy chains that have shackled the lost.

Let’s partner with God to see revival come!



This is an updated edition of a post originally published on Inscribe Ministries

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