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Many have been praying and believing for breakthroughs for so long that they do now understand they’ve already broken through.

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I was in early morning prayer recently and I heard the Lord say, “broke through.” As I do with anything the Lord speaks to me, I continued to pray until He revealed to me what this meant. Then the Lord said, “There has to be a shift and a change for many because they have actually broken through and do not realize it.”

Many have been praying and believing for breakthroughs for so long that they do now understand they’ve already broken through. In this season, those who have already received their breakthrough will have to make the shift from contending for their breakthrough to learning how to walk in it. So many have grown accustomed to a battering ram mentality in prayer. However, now that they have broken through, they must adjust and begin to pray for wisdom and clarity to move forward.

This will be a season where many will have to navigate the shift from sowing to harvesting, from contending to stewarding, from fighting to conquering, from warfare to work. Walking in the promise often looks like work. It is often easier to be in the position of crying out and contending than it is to shift into stewarding and walking in the fulfilled promise.

I want to challenge you in this season, once you’ve received your breakthrough, what are you going to do with it? Some need to begin to move forward in faith as you wait for the promise. If you are believing for God to send you to the nations, get your passport ready. If you are believing for a child, go buy some diapers! If you are believing for God to give you a business or ministry, use this time to study and strategize. Whatever you are believing for, start preparing for the promise in advance. There is nothing more disappointing than to be believing and contending for something and being totally unprepared when the breakthrough comes. Get ready to run full speed ahead when you have that moment of breaking through!

Many have already broken through and it’s time to move forward past what was once holding you back. Lean in to get clear instruction from the Lord as you advance and remember that your breakthrough is never just about you. Everything God does to bless us is also to bless others. Prepare for the promise now. Don’t hesitate when your breakthrough comes and run full speed ahead into your promise! You’ve broken through!



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