The Passover Prophecy

Chad and Wendy Norris offer powerful prayer and a prophetic word about the COVID-19 Pandemic and Passover.

Jude: Part 1 featuring Mike Thornton

While our country is going through this most trying of times. We at Bridgeway Church of Greenville, desire to provide God's family with a message of hope as only found in Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. Join us as we set forth the Light that has been given us, for a Hope for the rest of the land.

The Lord Bless You and Keep You

Hidden in the blessing God gave to Aaron and his sons, is a revelation of the heart of God towards His people...

The Peace of God

There is a promise of a peace that comes from the Lord that will guard our hearts and mind. Not because we have it all figured out, or even understand, but because we trust Him, and He is faithful.

COVID - 19 Prayer and Worship

The Bridgeway Worship and Prayer team will be broadcasting every day with times of targeted prayer, asking God to restrain COVID-19 and bring peace in a time of fear.

Light Pollution, Part 1

The first edition of a Lenten series hosted by 68 Church. Be sure to watch part 1 of Light Pollution!

Lineage of Grace: Ruth

Watch Bridgeway Church’s evening service, featuring Care Pastor Jonathan Helms with a message on Ruth.

Difficult Questions: Week 1

We are wrestling with some of the big questions and problems that people have with Christianity, starting with: How Can There Only Be One Way To God?

Feast, Part 1

Watch Bridgeway Church’s morning service, including pastor Chad Norris with a message on fasting and feasting.

New Thoughts, New Life!

Nothing changes until something changes. If we change the way that we think, we can change the way we live.

In Between the Peaks and Valleys

When we look back on our lives, we often remember the lows and highs, but most of life is lived in between.

The Book of Joshua: Part 5

Watch Bridgeway Church’s evening service, including pastor Sean Curtis with a message on the book of Joshua.

The Names of God: Abba

Watch the Bridgeway Church full recorded livestream service, including pastor Chad Norris with a message on God’s name “Abba."

How Do You Get Ideas

Christian artist and retired art professor, Gary Wilson, converses with WP Films Director Darren Wilson about methods to generate ideas for creative works.

Thankfulness vs. Entitlement

Watch Outreach Church Senior Pastor Roy Geesey's powerful message on living a life of thankfulness rather than entitlement. Roy challenges us to seek God with thankfulness with the same urgency as our needs.

The Book of Philippians: Contentment

Watch the Bridgeway Church full recorded Livestream evening service, including Chad Norris' Sermon Message on Philippians 1:1-11.

Is It Worth It?

Watch the Bridgeway Church full recorded Livestream service, including Wendy Norris' Sermon Message.

Constantly Connected with Heidi Baker

Episode #98 - Watch Coach and Joe sit around the table with Heidi Baker, Founder and President of Iris Global to teach us about God’s desire to be constantly connected with us in every single aspect of our lives.

The Thing That Keeps Us Out of Rest

Watch the Bridgeway Church full recorded livestream evening service featuring Sean Curtis with "The Thing That Keeps Us Out of Rest."

Labor of Love - Part 3

Watch the Bridgeway Church full recorded livestream service, including Senior Pastor Chad Norris delivering Part 2 of the new "Labor of Love" Series.

Prophetic for Dummies with Corey Reid

Episode 110 - Coach and Joe grab a mug with their special guest Corey Reid to investigate the steps a beginner would take to hear the voice of God in their lives as well as some more advanced steps towards entering what Coach calls the prophetic “Ninja Land”.

Training Ground for the Age to Come with Bryan Schwartz

Watch the Bridgeway Church full recorded livestream service featuring Guest Speaker Bryan Schwartz.

Dyed in the Wool - Part 2

Watch Part 2 in the Bridgeway Church “Dyed in the Wool” series. We can look directly at the life of Joseph to understand how God prepares even the most favored for their assignments.

Introducing Kingdom Winds Broadcast

Kingdom Winds Broadcast is the newest addition to Kingdom Winds—a groundbreaking platform designed to expand the reach, influence, and success of Christian creatives! At the heart of this new enterprise is the Kingdom Winds Collective—a formal alliance of Christian authors, artists, artisans, podcasters, filmmakers, musicians, and ministries.