Bride of Christ, Come Forth!

Get ready, the grave clothes are coming off!

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I am excited to share this encouraging word for the month of September. As I was spending time with the Lord in preparation for the new month, I heard Him speak these words that ignited my Spirit. What all transpired from that personal encounter with the Holy Spirit was too powerful not to share with the Body of Christ. We are moving into a destination of Glory!

Recently, my family and I have been going through unusual attacks of hardship, setbacks, delays, and persecution. I know this is also true of so many in the Body of Christ. Be encouraged if you have faced many trials of all kinds and it has left your heart, confidence, or many areas of your life and ministries in ashes. I have a breakthrough word to share with you.

At the very beginning of the month, I set apart a few evenings to be with the Lord and hear what was on His heart for this new season. I was in my closet to shut myself in for this time of prayer when the Lord began to speak to me, and I earnestly prayed in the Spirit. I found myself trembling under the weight of His glorious presence, and the words He spoke brought about a great shift in my own heart. I knew that the Lord was revealing was He was about to do in the hearts of His beloved children. These are the words He spoke in power.

I’ve been preparing you for what is next, as I have been preparing a lovely, spotless Bride. I’m about to remove the grave clothes. The time of release is near, and I long to display My splendor. Then in a loving and authoritative tone, He went on to speak; Lazarus, come forth! I say I Am is about to remove the grave clothes. I pressed into praying more in the Spirit, and the weight of His glory grew stronger. My entire body trembled at the weight of My Father’s words. Immediately, I could feel chains in my soul breaking off my children, family, finances, and future. I knew things were shifting. I knew God had spoken, and it was done.

The next evening, I couldn’t wait to get alone and study the word about what God was speaking. I wanted to dig into the scriptures and find out exactly what God was doing and about to do in greater ways. As I was studying in John chapter 11, the Lord’s presence came rushing in once more, and I began to see what He was speaking in a vision.

I watched as I saw the Lord standing in front of a cave with a large stone covering the opening. Two angels appeared on the sides of the cave, and He instructed them to roll away the stone. Once the stone was rolled, I heard the voice of the Lord call out very loudly “Lazarus, come forth!” I could literally see the ground trembling just as I had been feeling in my body. The ground shook at the sound of His voice.

Suddenly, not one person but many began to come out of the grave. I watched as some hobbled out, some leaning upon others to steady themselves, and each one helping others come out of the cave. Then, once more, the Lord said, “remove the grave clothes.” His host of angels appeared and began to unbind and loose the crowd of people emerging from the cave.

Once my eyes opened, I asked the Lord for more understanding. He asked me if I knew what the name Lazarus meant, and of course, I didn’t know. I hadn’t really thought to know, but now I wanted to. So, I looked it up as I could feel the Lord had me on the edge of my seat about His plans. I researched and quickly found that the name meant “God will help” or “God has helped.” Instantly I knew what it was He was saying. What He was about to do for His children could only be done by His hand, and the time had come.

I could hardly contain my excitement at this news and began to laugh as the Lord continued to speak. I’m about to remove the grave clothes. The trials and attacks from the enemy will now be reversed. The broken hearts, shattered promises, and loss I will now restore. For your, God is a God who will help, and My hand will move on your behalf. I know just as God has been doing in my life to mend and restore every place, He is doing for His precious children who trust Him.

Lazarus was dead. It was over and not just over but four days in the grave over. The only one who could turn it all around was God Almighty because the One to get all the glory was Him. You’ve been set up for a powerful display of His love towards you.

That’s what move He is up to. When they counted you out, God counted you in. When you thought it was too late and could never happen now, God does it! When the doctors say there is just no way, God steps in and makes a way. When even your bank account tries to tell you it won’t work, God pours out the blessing from heaven. He does what only He can. He is the God of miracles, and His power isn’t limited by our experiences. How easily we forget that the all-powerful, supreme God is with us.

Get ready, the grave clothes are coming off! The sound of His voice will shake the earth and the heavens at our coming forth in His power and for His glory! Get ready to stand and say, “Look what the Lord has done!” “Look at My God!” There is no one like Him. He doesn’t leave us without help, He is simply preparing the way for His revealing and glory. You have been handpicked and chosen by God. What He is about to do in your life everyone will see the favor, compassion, power, and goodness of Your Faithful God.

So, they rolled away the heavy stone. Jesus gazed into heaven and said, “Father, thank you that you have heard my prayer, for you listen to every word I speak. Now, so that these who stand here with me will believe that you have sent me to the earth as your messenger, I will use the power you have given me. Then with a loud voice Jesus shouted with authority “Lazarus! Come out of the tomb!”
Then in front of everyone, Lazarus who had died four days earlier, slowly hobbled out – he still had grave clothes tightly wrapped around his hands and feet and covering his face! Jesus said to them, “Unwrap him and let him loose.” John 11: 41-44 TPT

You’re about to see the resurrection power of Christ unleashed from you, and it will touch and bring to life every dead thing. You’re coming out of the grave, out of the fiery trials that purified, and into the purpose God decreed before the foundations of the world. Just like nothing could keep Lazarus or the Lord Himself in a grave, it won’t keep you from all God has planned. Not even hell itself can stop the glory of God from coming upon your life. And that is the hour we as His Body are on the very brink of! Glory to God!

Keep your eyes on Him and get ready to be delivered by the hand of God and positioned for His purpose and glory. You are His, bought and purchased by His blood. You will not miss the plans that God has prepared for your life, and all will see His splendor and glory in your resurrection season. It’s here now, God is stepping in, and no grave can keep you! Let us rejoice and charge the atmosphere with His words in power and authority! What a mighty, faithful, and all-powerful God that is on our side! There is truly none like Him, for who can compare with His matchless love and power?

There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord (Proverbs 21:30)

For the Lord of hosts has purposed, and who can annul it? And His hand is stretched out, and who can turn it back? (Is. 14:27 AMP)

The Lord of Heaven’s Armies has spoken-Who can change His plans? When His hand is raised, Who can stop Him? (Is. 14:27 NLT)

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