Whatever you throw out in the spirit, like a boomerang, with your words or actions, it is coming back to you in this season!

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As I was in prayer the Lord spoke to me for several weeks and kept repeating the same word, “boomerang”. Then after hearing the Lord repeat it to me for several weeks I began to ask Him what He meant. In prayer, I was reminded that when you throw a boomerang in the natural, it is designed to come back to you. It will also often come back to you at the same speed that you threw it. I believe the Lord was showing me a prophetic picture of what will happen for many in this season. I believe that the Lord is highlighting that this biblical principle of sowing and reaping has a fresh prophetic significance in this season.

Whatever you throw out in the spirit, like a boomerang, with your words or actions, it is coming back to you in this season! This is why we must be careful what we think, say, and do now more than ever before. Proverbs 6:12 says that we are often “snared” by the words that come out of our mouths. We also know from scripture that there can be life-giving power in our words as well. In this season, guard the words that come out of your mouth.

In this hour, each and every one of our words and actions must be led by the Holy Spirit. Make sure that whatever you are speaking and whatever you are putting your hands to is inspired and blessed by God. Boomerangs are being thrown out in the spirit and each of them will return to those who threw them. What kind are you sowing in this season?

I believe that we are truly about to see whatever has been done in secret, whether good or bad, will be brought to the light. If our righteousness has been done in secret then we are about to be rewarded openly! However, I feel strongly that every negative word and wrong agenda that has been hidden will soon be revealed and God will bring His righteous justice. The Lord is allowing each of us to reflect and correct our words and actions. Now is the time to carefully examine and repent for any negative word we’ve said over ourselves or others. If you ask for God’s mercy, I truly believe He will keep those negative boomerangs from coming back towards you.

Many of you have sown faithfully for years. Many have sown financially into the Kingdom of God, given of their time and resources, poured into those around them, and have been faithful to do everything God has asked them to do. If that is you, this is your season! What you have sown will be reaped in this season as an abundant harvest! Get ready for that boomerang to come sailing back to you with blessing and favor!



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