The BSSM Experience: Bethel School of Ministry

BSSM is an extremely fast-paced and pivotal training ground where you learn to set your life up with biblical principles that make way for the supernatural.

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You don’t quite know what to expect walking into your first day of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. You are met with a mass group of unfamiliar faces, accents from just about anywhere you could imagine, and young and old coming together from all different walks of life. Each student has a unique, faith-filled story on how they arrived at the small town of Redding, CA to attend BSSM. The only similarity of the group of about 1,200 first-year students coming in is their hunger and desire for training in a supernatural lifestyle like the one Jesus displays throughout the Bible. This is a lifestyle they have only tasted of, opening their eyes to the standard of living Jesus sets for the life of every believer. It is an extremely fast-paced, pivotal, and strategic training ground where you learn to set your life up with biblical principles that make way for the supernatural to become natural in your daily life.

The environment of BSSM is one of family that creates healthy space for students to think for themselves and rapidly grow in. The leaders serve as a mother or father would, taking the time to pour into every student’s dreams, passions, and personal relationships with God. Leading as a mother or father, they choose to be a platform that propels each student into rapid growth, forming strong values that feed into their identity found in God. They allow the breakthroughs and the experiences they had with God to be the lowest standard for what students are able to experience in God. The intentionality of leading as a mother or father comes from the biblical truth that we are adopted into God’s family. This means that, as a family, we value and honor one another even when we disagree. In a family environment, we live to do nothing out of selfish ambition or gain. The leaders intentionally partner with us to see mutual benefit in everything we do. This allows students to step into the destinies God has created them for so that Heaven will manifest on Earth through the lives of every student as Jesus prayed it would in the Lord’s prayer.

BSSM connects you to the God of the supernatural, making it possible to see the supernatural displayed in your everyday life. The school teaches to have a high value for the Presence of God because the principles taught are not meant to work apart from your personal connection to God. Teachings of His goodness and faithfulness are experienced through encounters with God and seen through the giants of the faith alive today who come through our school with testimonies of how God showed up in and through their lives. The school creates a culture within the lives of students where it is normal to pray for healing and see individuals healed, share the gospel and see the lost saved, receive words of knowledge that allow the receptor to feel seen and known by God, and to speak prophetic words that release the identity God created them to have in Him over their lives.

I left Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry with a greater love for Jesus and people. I wake up each morning, expecting to walk in my calling as a believer to have divine appointments to heal the sick, raise the dead, prophesy life, lead people to Christ, bring deliverance, release signs and wonders, and bless every place I go. After graduating BSSM, it’s almost impossible to live life the same again. You become aware of the purpose your daily life has whether you are a stay at home mom, first-grade teacher, doctor, or a traveling speaker. We are created to live life like Jesus, bringing Heaven down to Earth every place we go, and the rest will work itself out. “But see first His kingdom and His righteousness and all of these things will be added to you” (Matthew 6:33, NASB).



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