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My dear friends, the enemy is now at our door, in our face, and it has grown out of control.  We cannot afford to continue to look the other way.

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You know the kind of dream that you remember years later…  This was that kind of dream.

I entered into a religious leader’s office; a room I was very familiar with.  To my shock, a small dragon-like serpent slithered along the back wall unnoticed by the ministry leader.

Taking a soiled cloth in my hand because it was all I had, I attempted to catch it on my own.  Yet, it was elusive, slipping through my fingers.

I drew the attention of the leader to it, but he just observed it, claiming it to be harmless; however, I knew it was inherently dangerous.

Still, I continued to try to capture it, yet now it multiplied, slowly, at first, and then more rapidly.  As it did, the “mother” also grew.

Some friends entered the room, friends I trust.  Hastily, I grabbed their arm ushering them to the back wall where the creature was procreating.  They curiously poked at it, but it still seemed harmless to them.

Pacing back and forth, I wrung my hands as more people entered the room fascinated to see this phenomenon.

Soon someone pulled out a camera, desiring their picture with the beast.  More and more crowded together to get their photograph with it, until there were so many in the photo shot that they completely forgot about the menace behind them, and were now just enamored with having a photo of themselves.

All the while, the sinister dragon/serpent was multiplying in secret, oblivious to the crowd.  I left the room completely disappointed and disillusioned that no one else saw the danger I saw nor sought to address it.

That was the end of the dream.

As an abuse survivor, maybe I am more sensitive to the dragon/serpents I see that seem harmless to others, maybe I make more of a big deal of them than I should, but now as I watch more and more the blatant evil parading itself in our culture, I think maybe we have ignored the problem too long.

I’ve seen this attitude play out not just in our culture, but especially in the church.

If something is wrong, maybe a hidden sin going on behind closed doors, or maybe even a known wrong, but it is not affecting me directly in a negative way, then it is so much easier to ignore it.  It’s less bothersome not to fuss about it, look the other way, not as to inconvenience us, as long as it does us no harm.  After all, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

Have you ever been to the Holocaust museum in DC?

If you have, you’ll never forget it – the horror of it, the solemness of the weight of the atrocities rolling down your cheeks in the form of tears as you look at the candles burning representing the lives of those murdered.

Many of these precious lives were lost because good people looked in the opposite direction for too long.

They didn’t want to see the evil right in front of them.  So they watched as their neighbors had the star of David shown into their clothes, and they were shipped off like cargo to be tortured to death.

A son once asked his father why men went off to war.  His father’s answer was “Son, if we ignore evil long enough it will end up on our doorstep.”  He continued, “If we know the burglar is across the street, but we do nothing to help our neighbor stop the criminal, then the thief will eventually end up at our doorstep, but by then it is too late.”

The evils we see in our country today have been apart of our society for a long, long time.

The corruption, the sex trafficking, the blatant satanic worship we see in mainstream media has been like the dragon-serpent on the wall in the church office.

We haven’t paid much attention to it, because we didn’t want to offend anyone, or maybe we actually dabbled in it a bit ourselves – playing with it, or maybe we just thought if we just ignored it, staying within our safe four walls, it would eventually go away, because after all, it wasn’t harming us or our family directly.

My dear friends, the enemy is now at our door, in our face, and it has grown out of control.  We cannot afford to continue to look the other way.

There are many times in my own story that I’ve wondered, “What if someone would have investigated my father?  What if someone would have just stopped to pay attention to the check they had in their heart?  Maybe my story would have been different.”

Yet, now I do have the responsibility to share my story, to bring light into the darkness, to shout that Jesus is the rescuer that His love alone can reach into the darkest of places and heal the most broken of hearts.

We overcome by Jesus’s sacrifice for us and our testimony.

Will you help me share this message with others?  Will you be willing to speak up for the ones whose voices have been silenced?  Will you take a stand in prayer and speaking up against the evils you see around you?

I’m not talking about promoting my story, by the way.  Though if you feel led to be apart of that, let me know.  I’m talking about lifting up “The Story”.  “The Good News”.

Jesus said, “Don’t be overcome by evil.  Overcome evil with good!”  Romans 12:21

It is only the love of Jesus Christ that will save us, our country, and our future generations.  The time to be passive is over.  It is time to take our stand, loving others in truth before it is too late.



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I am the author of For The Silenced Ones. I've been on my own healing journey from CPTSD for some years. Now I am sharing some of the things I've learned along the way to help other overcomers of abuse, and those who care for them. Let's shine the light in the darkness, so that these abuses will end.