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Be the one who is molded and shaped by the presence of God.

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One of the most valuable things I have learned in my many years of walking with God is the power of just being the one. If we want to accomplish anything for God, we must be willing to be the one who will 100% throw our lives into the purpose and destiny God has for each of us.

Those who are used greatly by God are the ones who are fully surrendered to Him. Scripture is full of stories of people who were willing to be the one. People like Paul the apostle, Peter, John the Baptist, Queen Esther, and Daniel were all just ordinary people. But they each decided they would be the ones who would do the right thing, stand up for God, and be used by God no matter what or who came against them. We need that kind of boldness and obedience! They changed nations, performed miracles, and impacted history because they did whatever God asked of them. The way they were able to do this was by walking closely with the Lord.

Establishing that kind of close relationship with the Lord requires spending that quality time with God every single day. When we spend time in the presence of God on a daily basis then His desires become our desires and His dreams become our dreams. In my early days of serving God, I would often pray, “God, if you are looking for someone to dream through, dream through me.” Once after I had prayed this, the Lord once spoke to me and said, “What are the five things that I’ve put in your heart to do?” Those 5 things immediately came to mind. Then the Lord said, “Now go do them!” What has God put in your heart to do for His Kingdom? Go forth and be the one to do those things!

There is a powerful confidence we can walk in when we know we are fulfilling God’s plan for our lives. When you know you are living out God’s destiny for you then you start to move and operate in your anointing and grace like never before.

Will you be the one? Will you be the one who will not stop until your life is a mirror image of what God says about you? Will you be the one to pray radical prayers and see miracles, signs, and wonders come in and through your life? Will you be the one who will live in reckless abandonment to the Kingdom?

I want to encourage you today, my friends, to be the one. Be the one to live a lifestyle of prayer and fasting. Be the one who is molded and shaped by the presence of God. Be the one who will remove wrong voices and toxic people from your life. Be the one who will stand up and stand out for God. Be the one who refuses to just survive and instead thrives with the Lord. Be the one who falls head over heels in love with Jesus. Be the one who loves God and loves His people. Be the one who always says yes to Him. My wife, Autumn often says God is looking for those who will give Him their yes before He even asks the question. Be the one who gives God your yes today. Be one who will boldly go after everything God has for you. The most exciting place you’ll ever be is right in the middle of God’s wild and adventurous will for your life! Be the one!



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