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Continue to stand in your authority in Christ, and make declarations and decrees no matter what it looks like in the natural.

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I recently received a prophetic word in a time of prayer about one of my favorite topics, prayer. I was praying and walking around our sanctuary at the ROAR Kingdom Center and suddenly I could feel the power of God welling up within me. I could sense the presence of the Lord in a strong way and was even more aware of His authority as I continued to pray. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, “Battering Ram.”

As soon as He spoke this to me, I immediately thought of the scenes in different movies or shows that were set in medieval times where an army would use a battering ram to break down a wall or a door in order to conquer their enemy. A battering ram was designed to break down a fortified wall or door by striking it over and over again. Each time a battering ram would hit the door or wall it would weaken it until it finally caved in. As I was thinking about this, the Holy Spirit spoke to me again and said, “Your prayers are working. “Let people know that their prayers are a battering ram.”

In this season, the Lord wants each of us to know that our prayers are striking whatever stronghold of the enemy we are targeting. So many times we may pray and pray and pray and pray and it looks like absolutely nothing is happening and nothing is changing. However, just like a battering ram if we continue to strike over and over again with our prayers, we will eventually see breakthrough. As you pray, you may not see the manifestation of that wall coming down or that door breaking open but the battering ram of your prayers is working!

I believe that if we will continue to pray, over and over again, day after day, in this season we will see our prayers answered. I believe the Lord gave me this word to encourage many in the body of Christ to just keep on praying, you are so close to your breakthrough. Keep pressing in, keep seeking the face of the Lord and know that every single prayer you pray matters. This is your season to see those situations and circumstances you have prayed for hundreds of times suddenly shift and change. If there is something you’ve given up praying about because you have yet to see the answer, pick it back up in prayer just once more and I believe this is your season to see it come forth.

God will come through for you! You will experience breakthrough after breakthrough, answer to prayer after answer to prayer, manifestation after manifestation. This is your season! I have personally been experiencing this in this season and I believe it is because I have been diligent in the place of prayer. Every single prayer I pray, I pray with the faith that this time it will be the one that changes everything. We are in a winning season. Just because this is a winning season does not mean there will not be warfare. It just means that whatever battle we face we will prevail. We are taking ground and pushing back the enemy because we are praying and we will not stop!

The only way you will ever see your breakthrough is if you refuse to quit until you do. Your prayers are a battering ram against the enemy and his strongholds. Whatever you are praying for whether it is your region, business, marriage, or prophetic words your prayers are striking at the stronghold of the enemy over that thing, and with each prayer you are gaining ground. Keep on praying, continue to stand in your authority in Christ, and make declarations and decrees no matter what it looks like in the natural. Keep praying, my friends, and don’t grow weary. If we continue to pray and do not give up, our prayers will bring forth breakthrough.



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