Awakening, Conspiracies and Uniting for a Greater Cause

I see the Holy Spirit drawing many into new levels of revelation and truth concerning the need for true JUSTICE to arise in the land.

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WE NEED AN AWAKENING: In a dream last night, the Lord showed me that many in the Church are asleep to what’s happening in the world because they are “bedfellows” with media. I was shown different screenshots, like on a newsfeed, of people laying down in bed with various facets of media beside them, wrapped in a blanket. Their backs were turned as they were sound asleep, but I could tell that what they were “sleeping with” was what caused the slumber in the first place. I knew by the spirit that the first one represented mainstream media. The next one was entertainment and the next one was sports. They were each part of the media empire and the false sense of comfort and security they brought. The message was that many have not yet awakened to the realities of the hour because they have become codependent on media to tell them what and how to believe. This co-dependency must be broken if people are to wake up.

“So that we would not be outwitted by Satan; for we are not ignorant of his designs.” (2 Cor 2:11 ESV)

CONSPIRACY THEORIES FROM HISTORY: There have been conspiracies throughout history because that’s what the devil does – he conspires against those who follow God. Absalom conspired against his father, King David, to seize the throne of Israel (see 2 Samuel 15:12). A group of forty Jews conspired against the Apostle Paul to kill him (see Acts 23:12-13). The devil isn’t random in his dealings as he targets anyone with valid Kingdom authority. Out of his lust for power and control, he continually conspires with those offended by and opposed to the ways of God in hopes of establishing his own systems of manipulation on the earth. We shouldn’t be surprised that conspiracies continue or that crooked and greedy souls will do whatever is needed to seize power. Our job is to look at the evidence, get aligned with God’s plan, and then do our part in destroying the works of the devil (see 1 John 3:8).

Before the Reformation, a conspiracy was at work in the Catholic Church. It was a demonic plan to blind the people to truth and force them to pay for their salvation. Martin Luther shattered this religious system and radically altered Christianity through a reformation of belief and practice. Likewise today, we are being shaken to break through another huge barrier of belief. The Church is about to undergo another radical transformation and God is using the corrupted systems of our day to wake us up. That which we once thought to be normal and acceptable will become outdated, ineffective, and even counter-productive to Kingdom realities. If we are to prepare for the changes to come, it will require us to face some uncomfortable truths about our history, our governance, and some societal issues that have been sidelined or even ignored by a sleeping Church.

“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

UNITING FOR A GREATER CAUSE: One of the major issues of our day that is a thread in all the cases of corruption and conspiracy across the earth is that of sex trafficking. Especially of children. Even many nonbelievers have risen up in indignation at the horrific wickedness perpetrated on the innocent that has been happening for decades. For the first time in history, this atrocity has become a global pandemic with champions of hope rising together from every continent, ready to take action. Could it be that this issue is the uniting force that stops the demonic pipeline fueling all the electoral fraud and treason?

I see the Holy Spirit drawing many into new levels of revelation and truth concerning the need for true JUSTICE to arise in the land. Knowing that the most vulnerable in our society are literally being destroyed by the hands of evil people with reprobate minds, it is time to recognize our common foe and contend for victory. The spirit of Moloch (see Leviticus 18) must be overturned to lift the curse and open the way for the billion-soul harvest to come forth.

We must continue to stand for justice in this last election and for the corrupted systems in government to be overturned. We must continue to pray that every heart is awakened and that our codependency on mainstream media is broken. We must be willing to do more research and verify the truth so that the lies of the enemy can be exposed and nullified. And we must contend, as one, for the lives of our young, whom the devil continues to steal, kill, and destroy.

It’s only a matter of time before another Great Awakening opens men’s minds and hearts to that which was previously thought impossible. We are in an epic time with historical significance. Let’s stay on our watch and let history say that we were persistent in our call, persevering in our faith, and successful in our mandate. The world will never be the same.


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