Yvonne Britt

Yvonne Britt’s love and compassion for people led her to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her intercession on behalf of those around her is evident in her new book A Diary of Prayers. Outside of her profession, the author is a lover and a faithful servant of Jesus Christ.

Tis the Season…It is the Season!

Jolly is just another phrase for excited,  joyous, or anything that exudes happiness. We are in the holiday season, but it is not so for many.

Enjoy the Run

Pressure on every side; keep running. You may lose people along the way; keep running. You are almost at the finish line; keep running.

Be Ready for the Oil From Your Labors

In your season of preparation, worship, fasting, prayer, praise, sacrifices, etc., all produce an oil that you’ve labored for. Personal faith, repentance, baptism, personal holiness, personal service, and personal preparedness cannot be borrowed! There is a cost for the oil, and you cannot just give that away.

The Power of a Name

A good name can go farther than you can imagine. Your name attracts blessings! it gives you access to places and things that many only dream about.

Anchored or Tossed

Does doubt consume you, or are your prayers moving mountains? Is your faith tossed in the windy seas, or is it anchored in Jesus Christ?

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