Tatyana Claytor

Tatyana Claytor is primarily a lover of story and truth. As an English teacher, she is surrounded by the stories of the ages, but as a lover of God, she is enveloped in the Story beyond all ages. Her desire is to know the Author of this story as clearly as possible that she might help others see God’s truth in their lives and His plan in their stories. She currently lives in Cocoa, Florida with her three story-loving children and her husband, a minister of Youth and Missions. She has a Master’s degree in Education from Nova Southeastern University and a Master’s degree in Professional Writing from Liberty University. She is also the editor for Growthtrac Ministries, a website dedicated to helping marriages. She is pursuing her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition from University of Central Florida.

The Fear of Eternity

It wasn’t until I read the novella, Stories of Your Life and Others, by Ted Chiang—which inspired a blockbuster film, Arrival—that I began to understand things.

Literature as a Gospel Forerunner

Love, of course, is the answer, but, surprisingly, it is not the love of the parent, or even a human, that saves the day.

Finding Resolutions

The audience cares about their heroes—evidenced by the emotions expressed by the deaths in Avengers: Infinity War.

Life Will Survive. Love Will Redeem.

If the fruit of our lives is what gives us value, it is no wonder many are disillusioned with the idea of inherent human value.

Two Deaths and a Parking Lot

When we think of love, we don’t often picture the pain that love causes. Without love, death would not hurt.

What Can We Learn About Failure and Family From Avengers: Endgame?

Each hero carries the weight of failure individually–Iron Man feels guilt about his young protege, Spider-Man; Thor regrets not using a more killing blow.

When the Church Gets Messy, What Happens to the Pastor’s Marriage?

I am no better or stronger than anyone else. You cannot be involved in the ministry of reconciliation from a position of superiority. It is impossible.

Bermuda Family Meals & Jesus

The disciples were lost, but now, having found Christ, they know their new purpose. They were to create a family and celebrate it.

Lover of Prodigals

How difficult those many long years of waiting for the prodigal son to return must have been for the father, though the actual transformation only took a moment.

Redeeming the Beast: The Unexpected Message of Shyamalan’s ‘Glass’

How can he be forgiven for the abduction and horrific murders of young girls? He is beyond saving. This story, in many ways, follows the narrative of another troubled man found in Luke 8.

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