Tatyana Claytor

Tatyana Claytor is primarily a lover of story and truth. As an English teacher, she is surrounded by the stories of the ages, but as a lover of God, she is enveloped in the Story beyond all ages. Her desire is to know the Author of this story as clearly as possible that she might help others see God’s truth in their lives and His plan in their stories. She currently lives in Cocoa, Florida with her three story-loving children and her husband, a minister of Youth and Missions. She has a Master’s degree in Education from Nova Southeastern University and a Master’s degree in Professional Writing from Liberty University. She is also the editor for Growthtrac Ministries, a website dedicated to helping marriages. She is pursuing her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition from University of Central Florida.

How Books Fuel Imagination

Stories have been an escape and an invitation to a new world. They have given and continue to give me a break from my own mind.

Navigating Trauma: Lessons from Stranger Things Season 4

Realizing he still had a purpose to serve, he is able to look towards the future, if not with hope, then with determination.

Finding Meaning in the Multiverse

We are meant to live in small communities and family units where we are loved and where we can feel a sense of belonging.

Vengeance and Hope Depicted in Moon Knight and Batman

The focus of our hope is not a limited man who is trying to be more, but an unlimited God who has already balanced the scales of justice.

The Burden of Discernment

Discernment means investing in that which brings life and hope, even if we won’t see the fruit of it any time soon.

How Relational Expectations Shape our Vision of God

I can clearly see how the failures of others have made me doubt my ability to be loved and God’s ability to both protect me and accept me.

Jesus and Self-Care

When we enjoy the gifts God has made available to us, we join in worship with creation.

Peace in Transition

The God who was God during every life-altering time period in history is still God now.

The Beauty of Community

We are no longer looking out for our neighbors unless they agree with us.

Stifling Order or Cataclysmic Chaos: A Lesson on Institutions from Loki

We can find ourselves in these characters, particularly in regard to our relationship with the church.

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