Steve Wickham

Steve Wickham is a Kingdom Winds Contributor. He holds several roles, including husband, father, peacemaker championing peacemaking for children and adults, conflict coach and mediator, church pastor, counselor, funeral celebrant, chaplain, mentor, and Board Secretary. He holds degrees in Science, Divinity (2), and Counselling. Steve is also a Christian minister serving CyberSpace i.e. here.

It’s Not Just Those Who are Critical Who are Against You

We’re to have the same zeal for poise in the ‘triumph’ of adulation as we are during the ‘disaster’ of condemnation.

The Hard Way Now is the Easier Way in the Long Run

The blessing of facing our pain, our hardships, our truth that can’t be denied, is freedom.

We’ve Got to Get Past Our Entitlement Theology

What if the good part and the dark part are one and the same?

The ‘Liminal Space’ in Holy Saturday

It is the disordered place, the place where life makes little or no sense, the place of death and of grief. 

The Narcissist’s Entitlement Mindset

The entitlement mindset wins neither friend nor favor, yet there are many who insist on having everything their own way.  

Reconciling the Irreducible Pain of Child Loss

Suffice to say, the pain of child loss reaches the realms of the inexplicable, and I’m comforted that as a pastor, the Bible speaks of such pain the same confounding way.

Be Encouraged in Your Losses When You Feel All Hope is Lost

We’re laying up for ourselves spoil that can never be spoiled.

Beyond Disappointment In a Life That’s Not Fair

If pain or loss or disappointment cannot get us down, if we refuse to give up when we don’t get our own way, when we can smile in our lonely being, nothing can defeat us.

Advocates Stand In the Gap For Justice Against Injustice

While much of advocacy might consist of words written and spoken in direct context for the support of a person or group, it’s not an advocacy to espouse the theory and not support people in practice.

12 Examples of Dangerous and Damaging Emotional Abuse

Actions from others that should not be excused away or accepted as ok.

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