Steve Wickham

Steve Wickham is a Kingdom Winds Contributor. He holds several roles, including husband, father, peacemaker championing peacemaking for children and adults, conflict coach and mediator, church pastor, counselor, funeral celebrant, chaplain, mentor, and Board Secretary. He holds degrees in Science, Divinity (2), and Counselling. Steve is also a Christian minister serving CyberSpace i.e. here.

Remembering to Say, “I Love You.”

The meaning of the phrase is where its power resides.

7 Signs of the Reality of God’s Presence in the Life of Daily Faith

The more we believe, the more we see.

What Has Power Got to Do with Love? A Lot Actually!

Perhaps there is no greater gift we can give to another person than to see them as we want to be seen.

18 Ways of Showing Heartfelt Kindness

Inspiration to stir the goodness in your heart.

The Spiritual Abuse in Intellectual and Emotional Abuse

Ministries must not demand to be served but endeavor to do the service as Christ commanded.

10 Pointers Toward a Trustworthy Relationship

We never quite connect the dots that the charm it takes to sweep a person off their feet is often the influence, later on, that manipulates.

10 Sources of Exhaustion You Cannot Afford to Ignore

That conditioned me to see my worth in what I do and what I have to offer rather than seeing my worth as who I am.

Turning Jonah’s Four Weaknesses Into Strengths

Faith alone remits courage to do only what God can empower us to do.

A Dangerous Religion Stems From a Dangerous Mind

People submit trustingly in the power of a leader anointed in God’s name.  And they are vulnerable to being brutally betrayed.

Those Who Sow Harm Will Reap a World of Pain

When someone isn’t sowing well when they’re intentionally harming people, there are always consequences.

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