Steve Wickham

Steve Wickham is a Kingdom Winds Contributor. He holds several roles, including husband, father, peacemaker championing peacemaking for children and adults, conflict coach and mediator, church pastor, counselor, funeral celebrant, chaplain, mentor, and Board Secretary. He holds degrees in Science, Divinity (2), and Counselling. Steve is also a Christian minister serving CyberSpace i.e. here.

What If We Listened to Prophets?

We need more accounts of where a person or people take to courage and face someone in the wrong, where that wrong person does listen, and they do repent.

The Power of Compassion in the Meeting with Pain

Addiction is such an understandable response to pain because as human beings we need to escape it.

The Orientation of Resilience in Loss and Grief

This is not a message for the masses, but it could be one for you if you’re about to throw in the towel.

It’s Yours to Share or NOT

There is a time for depth and intimate sharing, just as there is a time for superficiality and distance.

The Secret to a Happy Life Hidden in Plain View

When life is given away for the purposes of love, a force within us grows and overflows.

Faith’s Ultimate Purpose, Revealed in Suffering

Suffering often leads us to a pathway right to the door of God’s presence.

The Impact of Our Behavior on Other’s Mental Health

Judgmental attitudes and punishing behaviors don’t come from a calm, serene core—it comes from a place within that is deeply insecure.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Self-Sabotage

We need to hold back rash action that will cast the fragments of our dreams.

A Commitment to Healthy Relationships Will Lead to Heartache

Healthy relationships are rewarding but they can be harder to maintain.

Responding to Life’s Hurts When You’re Overwhelmed

Escaping fixes nothing even if it feels good for the moment.

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