Stephen Phifer

Full of passion for Jesus Christ, Stephen Phifer is a third-generation minister with more than three decades of experience as a pastoral artist, worship leader, and conductor.

The Hammers and the House: A Parable

With tears flooding from his soft brown eyes the King left that building site in search of someone who would build Him a house.

Turning the Corner

Without this turn, we will find ourselves in a “worship land” where the tastes of the “worshipers” form the rules of conduct.

Pastors and Worship Leaders

If there is no personal spiritual relationship between the pastor and music pastor, there is little hope for a public display of God’s power on the platform.

Spiritual Songs

When the church has gathered to worship there are disciplines involved that do not exist in private prayer.

Handling Snakes with Safety

In every patch of weeds, the enemies of God wait like snakes to strike the passer-by.

Peter’s Sheet and Jesus’ Skin

Both of these liberating Gospel narratives reveal the brilliant colors of a colorblind Kingdom.

Lost Beauty, Part Three

Far from being relative or subjective, our standard of beauty is divine.

Lost Beauty, Part Two

Entertainment may be artfully done, and art may be entertaining but these are two different forces in the world.

Lost Beauty, Part One

The driving dream within us is to somehow create something that is true to the Word and beautiful in form and content. 

The Cult of Personality

This hurting world does not need us; this world needs Jesus. 

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