Stephen Phifer

Full of passion for Jesus Christ, Stephen Phifer is a third-generation minister with more than three decades of experience as a pastoral artist, worship leader, and conductor.

Matthew’s Gospel: Evidence

Somehow a shadow of doubt came into his mind about the One he had baptized in the Jordan, the One he had proclaimed to be the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

Matthew’s Gospel: Reward

We do not labor in this world for our Savior without hope of eternal reward. The promise of rewards is not our primary motivation, but these promises encourage us along the way.

Matthew’s Gospel: Confession

It is a powerful thing to believe something; to confess what we believe is more powerful still. In this way we are made in the image of God: our speech brings things into existence. Not to the extent of God’s confessions, to be sure. He confessed a universe and suddenly there was a universe. We […]

Matthew’s Gospel: Fearless

Friends talk to each other; Companions communicate. Still, the world thinks it odd when Christ-followers say that Jesus speaks to them. Christianity is not a philosophy of life; it is a life lived in relationship with a real, living person who happens to be Jesus, the Son of God. Seen in this light, it would […]

Matthew’s Gospel: Persecutions

When the enemy has done his worst, the best for us is just beginning.

Matthew’s Gospel: Sent

Everyone who becomes a Christ-follower today should be a disciple of Christ. He is our Teacher and we try to learn His ways and live for Him in ways that reflect His values.

Matthew’s Gospel: Compassion

The compelling factor in the earthly ministry of Jesus was not His oratory, His miracles, or His sterling team of helpers. It was His compassion.

Matthew’s Gospel: Reports

Jesus stopped and looked around. He had felt her touch, the touch of faith. It was as powerful to Him as the Centurion’s confession of faith.

Matthew’s Gospel: Wineskins

The Covenants before the Jesus Covenant, those of Noah, Abraham, Moses, and King David, could not rightly be called flexible. Worship happened in specified times and places with prescribed sacrifices given in great detail.

Matthew’s Gospel: Forgiven

Like all the other times, it happened. The man’s frozen legs began to limber. Bones started popping so loud the people heard them. With a few stretches of his newly loosened limbs the man stood up to the amazement of the crowd.

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