Stacey Pardoe

Stacey Pardoe is a Kingdom Winds Contributor. Stacey's hope is that her words will inspire you to seek God in the midst of your ordinary moments and encounter his love in deeper ways.

3 Biblical Coping Strategies for Stress in Your Life

“I need a stress detox,” I whisper to no one in particular.

How to Find God in a Barren Season

Even in the middle of a thousand shades of brown and grey, God weaves beauty. 

3 Bible Verses about Serving Others in Hidden Places

God tests our faithfulness to do the hard and humble acts of service in quiet places. 

10 Absolutes That are Always God’s Will for My Life—and Your Life Too

He’s more concerned with how we use our lives to bring souls into his kingdom than exactly where we choose to do so.

How to Live the Dream: 3 Powerful Scriptures on Abundance

I’m living the dream when the most important goal in my life is experiencing Jesus. 

3 Questions to Ask If You Want a Deeper Relationship With God

Perhaps your Bible reading feels stale, your prayer life feels stagnant, and your moments of worship lack the flare you once had.

“Has God Abandoned Me?” (3 Promises From God)

God is a relentlessly loving Father, and he will fight for us to the end.

3 Practical Ways to Sit at Jesus’ Feet

When is the last time you enjoyed Jesus?

How to Stop Being in a Hurry and Get Your Peace Back

I stop to stare because I sense a whisper from the heavens.  It speaks a truth I need to hear a hundred times a day.

To the Woman Who Lost Her Gratitude Journal: How to Be More Thankful to God

Start the day by fixing your eyes on what is good, true, admirable, and lovely, and your eyes will chase the lovely all day long. 

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