Shay S Mason

Shay S. Mason is a Chicago-area native living in North Carolina. An autoimmune disease and OCD/anxiety overcomer, she is a firm believer in God’s healing love. Her particular passion is helping people go deeper into God’s heart. In addition to writing, Shay loves travel, music, coffee, hiking, quirky indie films, and the Chicago Cubs. Shay and her husband Bruce are the founders of Love Inside Out, Inc. in Raleigh and have spent extensive time ministering in Madagascar. They have two college-aged kids and a spoiled Goldendoodle. Shay is a contributor at She Found Joy and Iola Magazine and a member of Hope*Writers. She is a graduate of Oxford and Cambridge Universities where she studied Theology and Jewish — Christian Relations. Her blog The Spacious Place can be found at Her first book, Rest for the Weary: Finding Freedom from Fear in the Heart of the Father, will be available April 27, 2021.

Expecting the Unexpected

His ability to intervene in unexpected ways can instantly shatter darkness and bring about resurrection, both literal and figurative.

Give Me an Undivided Heart

Jesus leaves no alternative. Love is the only way forward.

Why I’m Done with Principles

No amount of striving is ever going to bring you peace.

Is It Time for a Heart Check?

When God reveals the truth of our situation, it is never done to condemn us.

What Can You Learn from Your Inner Child?

Children possess a natural ability to live from the heart, to embrace the good in their midst.

When Paint Became Scary: My Journey Through OCD

It was the experience of His tender love that ultimately led me to trust in His goodness.

Be(e) a Pollinator

We so often go out into a broken world lacking the one thing that can bring healing.

Don’t Cancel Kindness

Love is the only way to make true progress in this world.

Community Matters

When we isolate ourselves, intentionally or otherwise, we are less whole.

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