Shawn Hunting

Shawn Hunting was an average believer in Jesus living an average life . . . until he received the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Since then, nothing has been the same.

The Life of David Part VII: Fatherhood

David was a much better king than he was a father. Many men who are great at their jobs or in church work fail to lead the next generation of their family

Grace to You?

Believe, confess, call on the name of the Lord, grace through faith—it seems fairly clear to me that the way of salvation is for the person to acknowledge, in legitimate belief, the salvation and Lordship of Jesus Christ over his or her life.

The Kingdom Without Isms

Our society has broken into warring political and collective camps. People are no longer identified as individuals but by beliefs and/or demographics. Group membership and identity are more important than individual actions.

The River and the Swamp

Do you know people whose whole life seems to be drama and combat, just messy from the time they wake up every morning? Do they reside in a swamp in every area of their existence? The critical question is: Do you want to be like them?

The Life of David Part VI: Bathsheba

Everything was going right for David after years of wilderness, war, and hardship. Why would he sin now and risk his relationship with the Lord? The story is simple in terms of lust and sin. David sees Bathsheba bathing while her husband is at war. He brings her to the palace, has sex with her, and sends her home.

The Life of David Part V: Dance for the One Who Brought You

When God gives you victory and the opportunity to praise him for deliverance from circumstances or affliction, don’t let the watchful eyes of others stop your praise. Give him the best praise you have. If those people criticizing you were not in the cave to feel the squeezing or exiled to the wilderness to experience the cold, lonely ground, then they cannot know the joy of your triumph.

A New York State of Despair

New York—and I am afraid the rest of us—will reap what we have sown in the area of abortion. I fear the consequences will not just be related to a lack of tax revenue. Part of the brilliance, ingenuity, creativity, and purpose of two generations now will never be realized.

The Life of David Part IV: The Cave and The Exile

David, like our own life many times, did not take the most direct path to the fulfillment of God’s promises. Instead, the road was winding and looked to even be going the wrong way at points. Do you know what that is like? You know that God has called and destined you for something, but people get in the way and circumstances close in around you? Have you ever wondered if you heard the Lord correctly? What should a person do when the promises of God seem impossible or slow in coming? Let’s look to the life of David for the answer.

The Setting Aligns

The Bible portrays the End Times as a period of technological advancement, and the world described sounds eerily familiar. Whereas most of the Scriptures require a historical context for understanding, the Apocalyptic verse could be current news headlines. As the hour grows late, the setting aligns to our world.

December 25th: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Where do we get the idea that Jesus was born on December 25th? The date is not as important as the celebration and meaning. Jesus was incarnated as a baby through the womb of a virgin to grow up, teach us about His Kingdom, live out a miraculous and faithful life, die as a sacrifice for our sins, rise from the dead, and send His Holy Spirit to establish His Kingdom. In the gift-giving, feasting, and fellowship that makes this season a happy one, let us not lose sight of that.

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