Sharon Krueger

Sharon believes it is never too late to start something new. She loves leaving a meaningful impact on others by helping them identify their strengths and discover their purpose. Writing is one of the ways she connects with others.

How to Get More Sleep for a Better Quality of Life

Calming practices for your nighttime routine can help you relax your overactive mind and make it easier to fall and stay asleep.

How to Navigate Through a Transition in Life

Change happens quickly, (like getting a new job), but transitions are a much slower process. 

5 Simple Ways to Have More Joy

I call this process looking for golden nuggets along the path.

What is Your Creative Child?

Instead of walking away from my completed work, I must lay down my pride and share it with others. Not because it’s a dreaded and scary experience, but because it’s a privilege and an honor to advocate for that creative work.

What I Learned About Procrastination While Writing a Blog About Procrastination

My perfectionist/analytical mind is my worst critic. My thoughts can be so critical that the barriers they create seem as insurmountable as a brick wall. It caps off creativity, confidence, and keeps me from seeing the other side.

How to Master the Art of Nonverbal Communication

By mastering our nonverbal communication, we can give people a more positive mental impression of us.

How to Embrace Your Power and Make an Impact

Excessive negative self-talk can be debilitating and strip you of any power. Yet, you are made for so much more than your inner critic gives you credit for.

Making Room for Change

It is a choice to take this on and to get rid of old thought patterns that will no longer serve us. To make room for what will move us forward.

How to Overcome Perfectionism During the Learning Curve

Wouldn’t it be liberating to lay down that shield, cease from trying to earn approval and acceptance through performance, and take flight instead?

How to Be Successful on Your Own Terms

Defining success in our own terms forces us to look inward. To explore our values, what is fulfilling, and what will leave us with no regrets.

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