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Erin Olson's primary full-time ministry is that of a homemaker which consists of serving her husband, Scott, her three children, and four dogs. In 2012 while raising her young family, she founded Sandalfeet Ministries as a way to minister to people through writing, speaking, and teaching. She blogs on her website, is a podcaster, Bible study teacher, radio host on, ordained minister, and the author of four published works. She holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, a master's degree in Christian Leadership, and she currently resides with her family in Birmingham, AL.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: It’s All About the Spread of the Gospel (Acts 28)

Our goal as Christians is not to build our name or fortunes, but to share His name with those who need Him. This last chapter of Acts reminds us that our lives are not about us, but all about Him.

A Spiritual Marker of Heart Revival Within the Church

Far too many are wavering in the waters of lukewarmness toward God and others, and we are creating collateral damage for His bride.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Saved by the Sandbar (Acts 27)

Paul, under the supervision of a centurion and aided by a couple of his friends, is put on a ship to Rome. Along the way, the ship encounters a horrible Nor’easter and is battered and broken. Miraculously, everyone survives. Paul received a message from the Lord during the storm about the preservation of life.

Intoxicated Church

What if the Church radically gave every dollar it would have spent on alcohol over the seven-day period toward missions, orphans, widows, or addiction ministries?

THE DEPOT PODCAST: If You Were Put on Trial Today, What Would the Charges Be? (Acts 24, 25 and 26)

Think of a time you were “put on trial” even though there were no charges against you and/or you were not found guilty of doing anything wrong other than being a Christian. What was the outcome?

Senior Church-Goers: How It Is Beneficial

Perhaps church could even be the push a senior needs to get moving more so that they can continue to be an active member.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: God Is In Control of All of Life’s Events (Acts 23)

Acts 23 exposes us to humanity, humility, and hope. Key verse – verse 11: “The following night the Lord stood near Paul and said, ‘Take courage! As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must go and also testify in Rome.’”

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Obedience Can Lead to Pain and Suffering

In chapters 21 and 22, we see Paul heading to Jerusalem against the advice of the disciples. Paul wasn’t being disobedient to the Holy Spirit nor was he being disrespectful to the disciples. Paul simply knew the Holy Spirit wanted him to go to Jerusalem despite the fact he would endure pain and suffering.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Are You a Leader, Follower or a Combination of Both (Acts 20)

In this week’s episode, Erin Olson continues her teaching in the book of Acts chapter 20. Leaders and followers are not mutually exclusive but rather are dependent upon one another. Paul explains what it means to be a church leader in this chapter and provides an example to follow even still today.

Solemnly Gather

Let us be the generation that is marked by a dependence upon the Lord like no other generation in history.

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