Sandalfeet Ministries

Erin Olson's primary full-time ministry is that of a homemaker which consists of serving her husband, Scott, her three children, and four dogs. In 2012 while raising her young family, she founded Sandalfeet Ministries as a way to minister to people through writing, speaking, and teaching. She blogs on her website, is a podcaster, Bible study teacher, radio host on, ordained minister, and the author of four published works. She holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, a master's degree in Christian Leadership, and she currently resides with her family in Birmingham, AL.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: The Miraculous Fiftieth Day

God is always intentional in delivering His promises. The Day of Pentecost was no exception.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Even if God’s Name Isn’t Mentioned…

But God — even if He is never mentioned in the book of Esther, was at work. What looked like doom for the people of God turned into a victory that is still celebrated to this day by the Jewish people. How amazing is that?

THE DEPOT PODCAST: What If They Hadn’t Obeyed?

For ten days after Jesus’s ascension, the disciples obeyed this command. They gathered together waiting and praying with one another. Unlike the three days between Jesus’s death and resurrection where the disciples were scattered, this time they stayed together. 

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Spiritual Health Checkup

Acronym – S.A.T. (when was the last time you SAT with God and asked Him about your spiritual health?

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Do You Know the Great Commission

According to a Barna study, over 51% of churchgoers do not know that Great Commission. That should concern you. In this episode, Erin Olson discusses why this matters.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Prophetic Words – You May Be Tired But Keep Going

You may be tired right now fighting the battle God has called you to, but know that if He called you to it, He will get you through it. Where some may think victory looks hopeless, God is saying, “Wait and see what I will do.”

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Is Forgiveness Free?

The farther we get from the Cross, the easier it is to forget the cost. We must never forget who paid the price.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: What is God Asking You to Do as He Uses Generation Z to Spark Revival?

In this episode, Erin Olson challenges the listener to ask the question about what God is asking each believer to do as it relates to Generation Z and sparking revival. This generation is not lost, and Erin discusses the importance of fully engaging students with Truth and Light.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Identifying the Position of Your Heart Toward God Reveals the Posture of Your Heart

God desires a positional relationship with each one of us. This episode elaborates on the physical positions of our hearts and how it affects our relationship with God and others.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Progressive Christianity – Is It Our Garden Moment?

I wonder today if those same words by Satan are being whispered in some Christian’s ears, “Did God really say?” Progressive Christianity is pushing a narrative that changes what God said is good and right according to His Word.

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