The Rising Of The Esthers

Rosangela Atte moved from Italy to Canada in 1997. She is a mother of 4, chef, and business owner who shares her heavenly encounters and life experiences with the world. Rosangela's heart’s desire is to see the Church, The Bride of Christ come into the fullness of her destiny in Him. We, as children of The Most High God have been given authority through The Holy Spirit to accomplish everything he commanded us to do! She believes we are living in one of the most powerful times in Christian history, a time in which we will see the greater exploits that Jesus talks about in John 14. She prays that her experiences will encourage you to press deeper into Him. He Has so much more for us, so much love, grace, wisdom, comfort, peace, hope, strength, provision, everything we need to face this life with confidence and faith. Intimacy is the key to knowing Him. Enter the chambers and spend time with your King, you will be transformed by His perfect love.

From the Pit to the Pulpit

The Lord will use your biggest struggles and fears to bring freedom and deliverance to many!

The Goose that Labored in Vain

Unless I breathe my breath of life into things, they will never be fruitful!

That Which Is Dead Will Come To Life, If You Speak My Words

Instead of giving up and accepting the circumstances, we need to speak to those dead dreams and believe the impossible!

Don’t Live Your Life as a Caterpillar––You Were Created to Fly!

Dying to oneself is not easy, it’s not meant to be. It is supposed to be painful and uncomfortable, it’s supposed to humble us.

The Rise of the Proverbs 31 Woman

You and I have been called and anointed to be a Proverbs 31 woman! Everything we need to be one is already inside of us!

I Am Sounding the Alarm, Will You Answer the Call?

We witness the birth of a new and better self surrounded by the unwavering love of God which is always present but hardly ever noticed.

I Am Rewriting Your Story. I Will Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

I Am bringing all the pieces together, to fit into my perfect plan!

I’m Calling You to Be a Double Anointing Ground-Breaker

We are agents of change! The enemy knows it, do we?

September Will Bring Divine Reversal

I believe The Lord is going to allow things to get worse before He’ll turn them around and reverse situations!

Take Me at My Word

We need to remind ourselves of what He Has already done for us and what The Word says, and dwell on those truths!

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