Robin McKinley

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Open the Way and Let the King of Glory Enter!

All can approach Him, but not everyone can enter into His presence.

Enjoying the Benefits of Living a Godly Life

Instead of looking down to make sure we don’t trip, we must look to the Lord. He will make sure we don’t get tripped up.

How to Turn Depression into Delight

We all have moments and even days when we wonder where God is or if He hears our prayers.

How to Experience Complete Joy in the Lord

He is not just the Word, He is life itself.

7 Reasons to Celebrate our Life in Christ

Our destiny is to be a full-fledged family member in God’s family.

Being Out of Our Comfort Zone to Benefit Others

As a young arrogant evangelist, I commented that I would never work in tobacco.

How Does My Sin Affect Other People?

Whether you or I like it or not, we influence others by what we do and say.

Do You Obey God the First Time He Speaks?

Along with the instructions and guidance of the Bible, God will speak to our hearts for a specific calling.

Jesus Really Does Want to Be Your Friend

John had a personal encounter with Jesus. We can too, that is just as powerful.

Are You Ready for the Sound of the Trumpet?

There is a trumpet call that I am waiting for.

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