Putty Putman

Putty Putman is a Kingdom Winds Contributor, as well as an accomplished trainer, author, and speaker. Putty loves to raise people into a conviction of who they are in Christ and release them in the power of the Spirit.

The Kingdom Has Come

In this glimpse of heaven, we see that the activity of heaven itself revolves around praise of the Lord for His majesty and His victory.

Leadership in Turbulent Times

Listen in on Putty’s message as he talks about leadership in times of turbulent change.

Building Holy Spirit Fireplaces

A fire needs some boundaries (test everything), but it also needs some room (don’t quench the Spirit).

Time-Complicated: What does that Mean?

The kingship of Jesus is not partial now and increasing as time goes on, the kingship of Jesus is total and completed already.

War in Ukraine and the End of All Things

As God’s inbreaking kingdom approaches our world, the way the powers of this world respond is through these signals.

The Time-Complicated Nature of the Kingdom

When the time-complicated God acts, that action works through into our experience of time and history in a complex and paradoxical way.

Technology and Our Souls

When technology begins to create its own world that replaces some aspect of the created order, we have problems.

Spirit-Empowered Preaching

I speak with many preachers who unfortunately haven’t cultivated preaching as a form of Holy Spirit ministry.

Filled Temples

If there are all kinds of different scales of temples (individuals, partnerships, small groups, large groups, and so on), then we probably ought to be looking for the Holy Spirit to fill up every scale of temple.

Why Should I Go Back to Church?

I might even go so far as to say that the presence indwelling the family is probably the single most important aspect of being a church.

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