Putty Putman

Putty Putman is a Kingdom Winds Contributor, as well as an accomplished trainer, author, and speaker. Putty loves to raise people into a conviction of who they are in Christ and release them in the power of the Spirit.

Postmodernism and Evangelism

We have to learn what it means to be a Christian where that means being countercultural.

Pioneering in Partnership with God’s Grace

Putty shares the principles of pioneering with God.

Three Preaching Journeys

This is an element of spiritual leadership; sometimes we go first into spiritual breakthrough, softening the ground and making that breakthrough more accessible to others.

Preaching as Ministry (and not just Communication)

I don’t want to settle for information exchange; I want to see lives changed by the Word of God.

Pastoring Prophetic People (Video)

Listen in as Putty talks with Micah Turnbo about pastoring the prophetic.

Redeeming Your Timeline (Video)

Listen in to Putty’s interview with the author of Redeeming your Timeline, Troy Brewer.

Engaging Deconstruction

Our tactic is to encourage people to wrestle with the otherness of our faith.

Conversations with God

Listen in as Putty talks with Sarah Bowling about growing in intimacy with God.

Postmodernism and Truth

Postmodernism’s wrestle with the truth is legitimate, it is just that to a Christian the resolution is different.

Healing the Orphan Spirit (Video)

Listen in on Putty’s recent conversation with Leif Hetland.

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