Putty Putman

Putty Putman is a Kingdom Winds Contributor, as well as an accomplished trainer, author, and speaker. Putty loves to raise people into a conviction of who they are in Christ and release them in the power of the Spirit.

The Chasm the Church is Facing

Our job is to explore the new space and figure out what it means to be the church in them.

Entering the Promised Land

Listen in as Putty teaches on spiritual seasons of a personal exodus, Mount Sinai, and our own promised land.

God is Not a Theory Interview

Join Putty as he shares about walking out a life led by God.

Why Church?

Watch this video where Putty shares what it means to be part of a church body.

Building Holy Spirit Fireplaces

It seems to me that the gifts of the Spirit are on the path to going wrong when we forget this simple principle: the gifts are given to us, but they are for others.

Science and Faith: An In-Depth Look

The Bible is not trying to be a scientific textbook, and we shouldn’t make it one.

Three Aspects of Holy Spirit Training

Being in the presence of Jesus activated spiritual dynamics that the disciples present didn’t even identify as such until Jesus vanished and they began to connect the dots.

The Kingdom Is Coming

As people of the kingdom can be a people of constant expectation.

The Kingdom Will Come

Not only do we walk with a great hope for what is to come, but also a wonder that the glories to come are being sown in our present life now.

Is Faith Only Quantum Physics?

Listen in as Putty talks about the intersection between quantum physics and the supernatural.

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