Dr. Paula McDonald

DR. PAULA MCDONALD brings her life-long experiences, challenges, and God moments to life to all she meets. Along with a bachelor of science degree in Biology, a Master’s, and a Ph.D. degree in Theology, Dr. McDonald speaks from authority regarding science and the Bible. Her message to LIV2DAY will inspire you to get up and keep going in the storm.

LIV2DAY: Top 5 Toxic Offenders in What You Drink

In this episode, Dr. Paula shares her Top 5 toxic-laden drinks that are important for us to consider. Given that our bodies need adequate hydration in order to run like a well-oiled machine, it’s time to wake up, educate yourself, and retrain your habits.

Stir the Water

During these times in our world of God’s truths being twisted, canceled, and destroyed, it is time for ALL believers to stand up and speak out.

LIV2DAY: Top 5 Toxic Offenders in Your Food

In this podcast, Dr. Paula continues her series on “Toxic Offenders,” with a focus on the worst culprits lurking in the food that we consume. Can you guess what the top five offenders are? You may be surprised to learn that not all of these offenders are ones that you might have guessed could cause harm to the body!

LIV2DAY: Toxins in Your Personal Products

In this second of her series on “Toxins in the Home,” Dr. Paula turns her focus on personal products. Do you know what’s in your toothpaste, your skincare, your hair care, and if so, are you informed on the toxicity of the top five ingredients in each?

Why More than Ever, We Need God In Our Schools

For those of us with a firm belief in Jesus Christ, He is our source, our strength, and our stronghold during times like this.

LIV2DAY: Why We Need God in Our Schools (Reflections on Uvalde)

Dr. Paula shares her perspective on the horrific shooting at Robb Elementary and opens up on the topic of “making sense” of things that simply don’t make sense, and how grief is a natural feeling for all of us connected by our humanity.

LIV2DAY: The Top 5 Toxic Offenders in Your Home

After losing a lung, Dr. Paula McDonald began to search relentlessly for any and everything in her home that could be exposing her to toxins. As each of us grows increasingly aware of what’s in our air, water, and home elements, it’s important that we identify and remove anything that may be a source of toxicity.

Who’s Got Your Back?

Each day as you dress in your Armor, picture the hand of God squarely on your back.

LIV2DAY: How to Study the Bible

Do you ever pick up your Bible, let it fall open to any page, and then begin to read, hoping to make sense of what you’re reading? Join us as Dr. Paula walks you through a simple approach that will deliver something new for young and old to apply.

LIV2DAY: Healing Prayers

In this episode, Dr. Paula shares the story of her OWN miraculous healing. She invites skeptics to rethink the issue and even suggests that as Christians, EACH of us has healing power, for ourselves and others, that we may not have ever considered.

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