Nate Stevens

A lifelong student of Scripture, Nate Stevens has also enjoyed a banking career in a variety of leadership roles. He is the author of Matched 4 Life and Deck Time with Jesus as well as a contributing author on several of the Moments Books (Billy Graham Moments, Divine Moments, Spoken Moments, Christmas Moments, Stupid Moments, Cool-inary Moments, etc.). He writes online devotionals for and as well as articles for several other publications. Additionally, he leads Fusion, a Christian singles ministry he co-founded. A popular speaker and teacher at conferences, seminars and Bible study groups, he speaks on a wide variety of topics. He currently lives near Charlotte, North Carolina, with his beautiful wife, Karen, and is a proud dad of two awesome kids, Melissa and Mitchell.

Reliable Water for Thirsty Souls

Jesus is the source of living water that quenches dry, thirsty, wilted souls.

How Will We Spend Our Final Day?

Each day, my dad lived ready to fully shift his weight and land on the solid footing of heaven.

True Follower Versus a Go-Alonger

There is a world (and eternity!) of difference between denouncing one’s faith and declaring a birth reversal.

26th Question Jesus Asks (From the Gospel of John)

Even comparing myself with others—my call, walk, intimacy with Christ— is unwise and inappropriate.

25th Question Jesus Asks (From the Gospel of John)

When the magnitude of what Jesus did for us ignites our hearts, we overflow with heartfelt gratitude, praise, and love.

24th Question Jesus Asks (From the Gospel of John)

Jesus’ question exposes the futility of returning to what He has called us from.

23rd Question Jesus Asks (From the Gospel of John)

She wept because the Lord’s corpse was missing—a cause for rejoicing.

22nd Question Jesus Asks (From the Gospel of John)

Regardless of all God’s assurances, we still squirm in adversity.

21st Question Jesus Asks (From the Gospel of John)

He lovingly met individual people at the place of their need and changed hearts, one at a time.

20th Question Jesus Asks (From the Gospel of John)

God’s purpose isn’t accomplished through human strength.

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