Naomi Krstinic - Abiding Voice Within

Naomi Krstinic is a Kingdom creative, gifted in writing and art. Naomi is passionate about family, ministry, and writing what the Lord shares from His heart to hers. Though Naomi has education in ministry and serving, she believes nothing can take the place of deeply rooted intimacy with the Lord. She continues to be passionate about her writing and finds great joy in spending time daily with the Lord to hear what He longs to share with His children. She has a deep desire to reach out to those who are hurting with God's Love. She believes it is important to remind others that they are loved, valued, and appreciated by God and by her. She has already co-authored a devotional with her poetry. She is blessed to be a part of this wonderful collective at Kingdom Winds and excited for what the future holds. She prays that those who read her writings will be blessed, touched, and inspired to go deeper in Him, and to always know that they do not walk alone.

Gather at the Table

Gather at the Table today and feast on the Banquet that God has prepared for you.

Who is She, This Woman of God?

Dedicated to those striving to reflect the image of God.

I’ll Dance for Joy

I will dance for You my God and my King. I will praise You all of my days in all of my ways.

I’m Sifting Hearts

I’m sifting hearts. Is your heart lined up with Me or with the world?

O Lord What’s On Your Heart Today?

O Lord, what’s on Your heart today? What do You long to say?

Where Do You Stand?

Where are you standing today? On whose side? With God or with the world? Have you made your choice?

His Healing Quill

What legacy are you leaving today for those who will follow you? What are you writing down?

Are You Ready, My Beloved?

Are you ready for the Great Wedding Day? Is your lamp filled with oil and lit? Are you watching for His soon return?

Take My Shield of Faith

Are you dressed in My Armor today? Are you using your Shield of Faith?

I Sought You

What are you seeking for today? Are you seeking Me and My Presence?

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